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Homegrown Hops 2013

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Today, April 5, I planted 6 hops rhizomes (2 each of Chinook, Willamette, Cascade) on the south side of the house, a few inches down in a compost/manure mixture and covered in mulch. This is my third attempt at growing hops at home. The first year nothing came up. Last year, half the rhizomes broke […]

Yanking the Receiver

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The Current is launching a new stream dedicated to music from Minnesota’s north shore. Online only stream.This stream is in addition to their primary stream, their MN local stream, their kids stream, and the American Heartland stream. That’s 5 streams. Only one of which has an over the air presence. Which means, today, 80% of […]

BBY Cleaning out the Fridge

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On Thursday, I wrote this: “For years Best Buy has sold and installed car stereos. Though, it’s never felt like they really cared about that part of the store (same for home appliances)” In today’s STrib, there’s a feature store on how Best Buy is focusing on the larger, higher margin home appliances, in a […]

Quiet Days are the Second Hardest

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TL;DR: Over the past year, I’ve been trying to increase the routine and rhythm in my day for one primary reason – increase and improve creative energy. Essentially, reduce my daily cognitive load for daily tasks thereby increasing the chances of ‘shower thinking’ throughout the day. Everyday, immediately after I step out of the shower, […]

Best Buy Should Partner with Jiffy Lube Next

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My last engagement with Best Buy concluded 4 years ago – and even then it was an organization under a radical transformation. These challenges have only increased in the past year. Additionally, many of digital savvy members of Best Buy’s leadership have left. Yet, I’m still quite optimistic for BBY’s future. I still think Best […]

[UPDATED] The Business-to-Business Sales Tax Discourages Investment in Minnesota

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Update 8 March: Victory! – Dayton drop b2b sales tax proposal This morning at the MHTA legislative action briefing, I heard many stories of Minnesota based companies planning out-of-state moves and employment changes ahead of Governor Dayton’s proposed business to business sales tax. Here is the message I sent the Governor, my state senator, and my […]

Client Launches: Now Responsive

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From the official press release on my recent work with the team “‘Our goal is to provide readers with a positive, consistent experience and easy access no matter where they are and regardless of their chosen device, be it a desktop computer, laptop, e-reader, tablet or smartphone’, says Jamie Martin, Experience Life’s digital initiatives […]

Fine, I’ll admit that email is scheumorphic.

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‘Forward’ ‘CC’ ‘BCC’ ‘Signature’ All of these elements are carry-overs from, not only an archaic communication model, but an extremely bureaucratic one. One where high value is placed on traceability and formality. I suspect those two concepts by themselves result in higher communicatations costs, reduced message volume, and higher default priority. Do we have a […]

Taking Stock

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“So if you are in the position to have somebody else handle your flow while you tend to your stock: awesome. But that’s true for almost no one, and will (I think?) be true for even fewer over time, so you need to have your own plan for this stuff.” – Robin Sloan A continuous […]


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Everything has a price. At the last job where I was an employee – my immediate manager was always busy and happy to work long hours. Then, I observed that he didn’t really enjoy spending time with his family. Then and now, I see people commuting 45+ minutes each way, for decades, to live where […]

Dayton’s Sales Tax Proposal is Bad for Minnesota’s Creative Economy

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For the past 10 years I’ve owned and managed a small business selling consulting services to larger businesses. I’ve been fortunate that Minnesota’s business climate has allowed me to support my growing family and work with some great Minnesota businesses. While many of my clients have been based in Minnesota, many others have been based […]

Kubbchuck’s 2013 Loppet Tournament Recap

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Over on the Kubbchucks blog I wrote up our 2013 Loppet tournament experience. Here’s a quick snippet: “Jim and Jamie readily cleaned up the 5 kubbs in the corner leaving the that lone sixth kubb for me and two batons. I took a deep breath, focused on the sixth kubb and threw – striking the […]

3 Principles of Success for Independent Professionals

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Garrick, Hi! I’ve heard about you for a few years now (originally from Richard Fink), and have enjoyed reading your blog posts. As a web designer who’s striking out on his own to learn programming and build his own business, do you have any advice? Cheers! – Josh For the past decade, I’ve been working […]

Catching Up

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Reuters 27 January 2013: “‘IPhones are like Louis Vuitton handbags,’ said marketing manager Narisara Konglua in Bangkok, who uses a Galaxy SIII. ‘It’s become so commonplace to see people with iPads and iPhones so you lose your cool edge having one.” – Jeremy Wagstaff Me 6 months ago (1 June 2012):

Renewing My Faith in the Promise of the Internet

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714PH4X5FRL._SS500_.gif Customer Reviews: How to Avoid Huge Ships I’m dating myself when I say this but… to me, the promise of the internet is a joke that everyone writes the punchline for. All the reviews on here – admit this. Even the pricing arbitrage bots get into the jokes – 3rd party pricing goes from […]

Garrick’s Beer Fault Map

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I pulled this together as part of my BJCP prep course last year. I’ve found it quite handy to have it during tastings thought you might find it handy as well.

Brew Day for the 2012 Hop Clearance

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Today was brew day for the 2012 Hop Clearance and it could have gone much better. I forgot to put the false bottom in the brew pot (that’s step 1, even before turning on the burner). So, the weight of 19 pounds of grain and the heat from the bottom of the brew pot burned […]

Big Beer Year: #1 The Hop Clearance American Barleywine

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One thing that beer class confirmed for me – I have a strong preference for the rich, full, maltiness of big beers. Hops I’m ambivalent about, but if a beer doesn’t have a prominent malt presence – it won’t make my Ongoing Beer List. With this in mind, I’m planning 8 beers for 2013, each […]

How Kubb Saved My Life

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In the summer of 2011, my third child had just turned a year old. I was just beginning to feel reconnected with the world and something approximating normal. My business was having one of its best years, in no small part to my part-time assistant. Yet, despite the optimistic signs all around me – I […]