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can you say this about your work?

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“This is a flight test program, not a stunt. Sure, we’re breaking a 52-year-old record, but we’re developing technology that will benefit humanity for decades to come.” – Art Thompson, technical project director, Stratos

The Road to BJCP Certification

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A year and a half ago when I started formulating my own beer recipes – my friend Chris asked me if I had looked into Since then, Hopville has helped me understand and target the bounds of beer styles. By the numbers. But not by the ingredients. Even in the latest iteration Hopville warns […]


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My first half marathon time @ the 14th Annual Lyndon Ellefson Memorial Half Marathon in Barron, WI Pretty happy with that, only a couple things I’d like to change about my run (like the part where I didn’t, and having a little bit left for a stronger finish) To be competitive, it looks like I’d […]

Roggen Brett – Just Bottled

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Tonight, I bottled my Roggen Brett, a 60% rye beer fermented with 100% Brettanomyces. I’ve been savoring it since. Easily the most delicious beer I’ve brewed to date – and it’s not even carbonated yet. The beer is the color of leather. The nose – a mix of dark fruit and horse blanket. On the […]

We Could All Use a Fake Bus Stop Now and Again

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“…the bus stop diffuses the sense of panic. For instance, if a delusional patient decided that she needed to go home immediately because her children were all alone and waiting for her, the attendant didn’t need to restrain her or talk her out of it, she simply said, ‘Oh, well, there’s the bus stop.’” (or […]

Change is a Must

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“Startup is just a group of people and technologies arranged around the founders that represent the currently shortest way to change the behavior of others. It is the founders passion, and in that it’s similar to works of art – you can’t help yourself but make it work.” – igzebedze

Know Where Your Towel Is

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Perhaps like me, your high school years were some of your most trying. Perhaps like me, your parent’s divorce only compounded the instability and uncertainty of growing up. In the midst of this, I was introduced to The Fountainhead. As a teenager watching the world of my childhood crumble The Fountainhead promised stability. Stability based […]

Ockham’s Thrist

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Should people who exercise seek to proactively replace fluids lost, or can they rely on thirst to guide them during and after physical activity? And when they rehydrate, do they need all the salts, sugars, and other ingredients dumped into sports drinks, or is water fine? The correct answers are: best to rely on thirst, […]


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“There is no one kind of being busy. I don’t necessarily want to be busy. I don’t feel like I need to prove anything by being busy. I even know that I’m more productive and creative when I’m *not* busy.” – Rex Hammock

table for two

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“Think about how you’d feel if a guy sat down at your lunch table one afternoon when you were interviewing an applicant for a vice-president’s position and tried to sell the two of you a car, and wouldn’t go away.” – @Man. I don’t read Doc as much as I used to. Which means that […]

Alt View

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“What if we eventually realize that, like the alt weeklies, these are things we do because they should be done, because it’s fun, to make our little community a better place … not because they’re going to be great businesses.” – Derek Powazek

“Nearly all the text is rubbish, but no-one now knows which parts are true.”

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“This ‘Kubb’ entry was rescued from Wikipedia on 25th September 2006, in its most extreme and most untrue state. The article was subject to a sustained assault over a five-month period by contributors who were reacting against the censorious approach of one Wikipedia official. Gradually they changed the text, added fictitious names and events, and […]

That’s a lot of Wood 2012

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Dobbie from Des Moines Kubb was in town tonight for the Minnesota Kubb Tuesday night friendlies. Jamie and I played a couple of very fun games with him while testing out the latest Planet Kubb Scoresheet. All told, 14 players were honing their wood tossing skills this evening. Despite the flesh wound, we all fared […]

Knocking Wood 2012

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The U.S. National Kubb Championship is this weekend. 260 people making that satisfying thwunk, thwunk sound together. Peace on earth. Can’t wait.

Finding The Best Water Skier in Luxembourg

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“I’m interested in the small worlds, the small worlds that make life worth living.” – Keith Kahn-Harris Brilliant project. Just brilliant. “I will travel to a number of places to investigate experts and champions in small fields in small countries. As the title of the book suggests, I will start with a chapter on water […]

First Answer the Question for Yourself

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“It was terribly frustrating because I remember I started with, ‘Who am I? Why am I here?’ and I never got back to that because there was never an opportunity for me to explain my life to people” – Admiral James Bond Stockdale


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“but I was still hoping I had a little fire in the belly, and maybe a little gas left in the tank to make something more of myself, before I ended up with just a broken spirit and a comfortable life. and so here I am: still standing in the arena, in hand-to-hand combat with […]

Towards a Longer Horizon

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“…there’s an awful lot of effort being expended that is just never going to result in meaningful, truly disruptive innovation. And I think that’s a problem.” – Max Levchin


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“To risk sounding like a broken record, why support a company that treats you like a criminal? I choose not to.” – jdeslip