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Renewing My Faith in the Promise of the Internet

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714PH4X5FRL._SS500_.gif Customer Reviews: How to Avoid Huge Ships I’m dating myself when I say this but… to me, the promise of the internet is a joke that everyone writes the punchline for. All the reviews on here – admit this. Even the pricing arbitrage bots get into the jokes – 3rd party pricing goes from […]

Amazon Fire – First Impressions

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tl;dr – Yes, this is The Holiday Gift of 2011. For all the hype – this is easily the best tablet I’ve played with in a decade. From the unboxing experience (less than 5 minutes from delivery to browsing my ebook library) to getting comfortable and settling in. Amazon has: minimized all the parts of […]

Easy, Amazon Prime is About Reducing Transaction Costs

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“I’m not sure what free shipping has to do with free movies and now free books.” – David Pogue Amazon Prime is slowly and steadily chipping away at every barrier to a sale Amazon has – first it reduced shipping costs (both in time & price) then it turned watching a movie into an impulse […]

Fire – Amazon Launched Their Sputnik Today

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At the beginning of the month – before I knew anything of today’s Amazon Fire announcement – I announced that Amazon (along with Mozilla and Samsung) were going to be tomorrow’s tech innovation leaders. Scanning through the Amazon Fire page I was immediately struck by how it neatly integrates everything Amazon has been working on […]

Kindle 2.0 USB Cable Died, Not Charging

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My Kindle‘s been dead since yesterday. My initial thought was that maybe it no longer liked being charged from the USB hub. I plugged it into the wall and the charge light didn’t come on. Hmmm. Thankfully, it’s USB so I’ve got plenty of cables lying around to test. I grabbed the USB cable from […]

Book Still Readable – Decades Later!

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“If you’d have told me then that by 2007 the state of the art would barely have advanced beyond that of 1998, I’d have wept openly.” – Dave Slusher If you fell into a coma when Business 2.0 had a roller coaster on the cover and woke up today, you’d have one more reason to […]

Amazon Unbox + Tivo vs. Netflix

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Yesterday on a whim, I connected baby Tivo to Amazon’s Unbox service…the things I’ll do for $15. Unlike Tim, I haven’t purchased or rented anything, yet. While the prices are competitive (and more convenient) than purchasing DVDs it isn’t that competitive against our Netflix subscription ($15/month/rental vs. $18/month ). I see Amazon + Tivo perfect […]

WishRSS Now Offers Buy for List Owner

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I’m extremely pleased to announce an update to WishRSS. You can now purchase items from your friend’s WishList and for them, just click the “Purchase for WishList Owner” link in the list’s webpage or in the RSS feed. Of course, if you’d rather purchase it for yourself, there’s the “Purchase for Yourself” link. Enjoy. WishRSS.