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Scott Grannis’ Calafia Beach Pundit has become daily reading for me [1] – primarily because I’m a sucker for the charts he shares. Take a minute to look at this one. (no worries, I’ll still be here when you get back). Good stuff. It’s rare to see a single chart summarize our own confidence over […]

Unanimous Support for Unlicensed White Spaces

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“The Federal Communications Commission voted 5-0 today to adopt rules for using the airwaves, known as white spaces.” Some ridiculous NPR story yesterday complained that the crowded nature of metropolitan airwaves prevent this from being useful to the vast majority of Americans. The point isn’t urban America – the benefit is to rural America. My […]

How do I make a contribution to the U.S. government?

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“Citizens who wish to make a general donation to the U.S. government may send contributions to a specific account called ‘Gifts to the United States.’ This account was established in 1843 to accept gifts, such as bequests, from individuals wishing to express their patriotism to the United States. Money deposited into this account is for […]

My Proposal for Wal-Mart to Replace the US Postal Service

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“With this program, we’re able to provide consumers in every rural town or big city across America with … a convenient, free mail delivery system.” – John Agwunobi, Wal-Mart division president In continuing my mental exercise on replacing the USPS I was stuck with solving the problem of delivery and drop-off for rural America. Especially […]

Mental Excercise: Replace the US Postal Service

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Yesterday, NPR discussed the challenges of the US Postal Service after reporting a $3.8 billion revenue loss for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2009. The revenue loss corresponded to a reported 13% decline in mail volume. I’ve noticed a significant decrease on my end since Dec 2007 as well. For the 2008 and 2009 […]

2010: The Great Restart

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I could stare at this image all day. Continually riding its roller coaster in my head – watching geo-political events, holidays, elections, and family gatherings, all unfold. Whether we call it the Great Recession or the Great Nominal Spending Crash1 – I don’t think we’ve seen the interesting part yet. I predict a dramatic recovery […]

Labor Day: Celebrating Opportunity

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“Isn’t it sad that we have a job where we spend two 2 weeks avoiding the stuff we have to do fifty week a year?” – Seth Godin, Tribes Almost 15 years ago now, a fellow student at the German design school I was attending, purchased a run-down flat. When he wasn’t focused his design […]

March Forth

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I’m proposing today as new American holiday. A day of deliberate action. A day of buckled-down confidence. A day of bootstrap-up-pulling. A day of To-Done-ed-ness. A day of recovery. The opposite of Labor Day – more along the lines of Independence Day. Let’s go, there’s work to do. March Forth. “This country will be rescued […]

"My Baby's Only Known Recession"

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Mark Zandi, author of the Financial Shock, the best book on how we got into this economic mess is now covering the proposals to get us out. Quick context setting: “Every dollar decline in household net worth reduces consumer spending by 5 cents over the next two years. If sustained, the wealth lost over the […]

A popular Democrat becomes President during one of the worst economic downturns

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I’m reading The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression. While parallels with pre-1950s America are always tenuious, here’s a synopsis A popular Democrat becomes President during one of the worst economic downturns in our nation’s history. He drives through some of the most dramatic legislation ever seen and creating departments compensating farmers […]

In Bigger News: FCC Opens White Space & Frees iPhone

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I was always baffled by Apple exclusively giving the iPhone to AT&T. It’s not in Apple’s DNA to tie the customer experience of their products to someone else. Exclusively or otherwise. Multi-year or otherwise. Apple’s built their reputation on owning and controlling the entire stack; OS, applications, hardware. Hell, Apple’s never been crazy about having […]

America 3.0

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1776. America is born. 1945. America claims the leadership of the developed world. 2008. America reclaims its position. (more tomorrow.)

Decision 2008, and My Vote Goes to…

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Attention, St. Anthony Villagers, your sample ballots are here (Hennepin | Ramsey) My votes; Presidential & Vice Presidential: Barak Obama & Joe Biden U.S. Senator: Dean Barkley U.S. Representative District 5: Keith Ellison U.S. State Representative District 54a: Mindy Greiling Constitutional Amendment: Clean Water, Wildlife, Cultural Heritage and Natural Area: Yes. Overall, the decisions were […]

McCain & Obama Tax Plans: Small Change

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Viveka Weiley redrew Washington Post’s chart of Obama’s and McCain’s respective tax plans. First off, a caveat: Basing a vote on potential personal financial changes is as one-sided as basing a vote on gender, skin pigment, or hair color. It’s one factor and one that I hope to argue it is a wash to vast […]

The State of Dense Comparisons

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One of my biggest pet peeves is comparisons of the U.S to other countries – especially European countries – to show how the U.S. is “behind” in some nationwide attribute like healthcare, broadband speeds/adoption, public transit. My first issue with these comparisons is one of scale. The United States is closer to the European Union […]

Now That It's Either Obama or McCain….

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The 2 parties have a 6-month opportunity to show the American public how serious they are about solving this country’s problems. “…Spend 1/4 of the money [raised by the campaign] telling everyone how you’re using 1/2 of the money to help people. This proves that your Presidency will be about solving problems, because you’re not […]

Bringing Me-dia to Rural America

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For a few weeks in the early 80’s the town 30 miles down the road had a broadcast TV station. The only TV broadcaster in the county. In the 20 years that follow, it’s only been Eau Claire, LaCrosse, or Minneapolis TV. Communities at least another hour away (if not 2) with no incentive to […]

Thank God

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“The church I focus on in my article attracts 10,000 West Michigan suburbanites each Sunday. It meets in what used to be shopping mall. They’ve converted over the WHOLE MALL–with shops now serving as Sunday school classrooms and meeting spaces for events throughout the week.” – Zack Exley Deserted shopping malls and Super Wal-Marts are […]

The Power of 1 Slice of Bread

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Every wonder why there aren’t as many open-face sandwiches for sale in your local supermarket. No?…..well, it’s political: “USDA inspects manufacturers of packaged open-face meat or poultry sandwiches (e.g., those with one slice of bread), but FDA inspects manufacturers of packaged closed-face meat or poultry sandwiches (e.g., those with two slices of bread).” – U.S. […]

2008 Presidential Candidates as Tech Gadgets

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For being really attractive, an expected move forward, and making it fun to improve ourselvesJohn Edwards = Nintendo Wii For being a really good solution with enthusiastic support, but never quite feels rightDennis Kucinich = RIM Blackberry For showing us what we all know the future looks like but still making us wonder if now […]

Keeping Success at Bay

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“In short, this is not a strategy to win, but one designed to keep not losing and basically pass this problem on to the next administration.” – Thomas P.M. Barnett

The Call for Public Debate That's Actually Both

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“…there’s lots to gain, and little to lose, in having the confidence of one’s own ideas to publicly debate the issues. At the very least, it forces people to make a better case for their own views, because the other side(s) will poke holes in flimsy arguments.” – Dan Gillmor

Offshoring the Military

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“The armed forces, already struggling to meet recruiting goals, are considering expanding the number of noncitizens in the ranks — including disputed proposals to open recruiting stations overseas and putting more immigrants on a faster track to US citizenship if they volunteer…” – Bryan Bender, Boston Globe

Political News: Tomorrow Started Yesterday

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The 2007 political races have already begun: John Edwards announces his candidacy for POTUS on YouTube. Meanwhile, on the opposite side of politics, my dad announced he’s running for 3rd Ward Alderman up northern Wisconsin over a phone call with me. While the former was hinted at and could have been guessed. The latter came […]

A Cry for Help

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If a month-old baby going through an x-ray machine can’t bring a heavy dose of common sense to the TSA, what will? “Nico Melendez, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration, which manages LAX screeners, said the agency doesn’t have enough workers to constantly stand at tables in front of the screeners to coach passengers […]

What's Your Traveller Risk Score?

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“It’s probably the most invasive system the government has yet deployed in terms of the number of people affected” – David Sobel, EFF lawyer. Like all these systems, we are all judged in secret, by a computer algorithm, with no way to see or even challenge our score. Kafka would be proud. – Bruce Schneier