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TwitterCooler v0.2 – Make Twitter More Like Office Chatter

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(formerly TweetSpeak, changed as to eliminate confusion with While I’m fond of the Twitter-as-water-cooler metaphor, there was something missing. Namely Twitter is quiet, and offices are filled with loud, distracting chatter. If you’re on a Mac you can now remedy this issue with TwitterCooler downloads your friends tweets and reads them to you […]

AppleScript: Create M3U file from iTunes Playlist

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After Peter‘s request for a ‘play all’ in the SXSW pick list, I whipped up this Applescript that creates a .m3u, streaming playlist, file using TextMate. The toughest part was translating iTunes’ MM:SS formatted track time into seconds for M3U. MakeM3UFromiTunesPlaylistInTextMate.scpt

AppleScript: Send iTunes Playlist to MarsEdit

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In preparation for declaring my picks from the 2007 SXSW Showcasing Artist tracks, I’ve put together an Applescript that pulls the track names, artists, ratings, and comments from an iTunes playlist and sends them to MarsEdit for blog posting. The script even makes a half-hearted attempt to guess the artist’s website and direct mp3 link. […]

Backing Up with rsync, iCal, and Applescript

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This morning marks the completion of the first full backup I’ve done in quite a while. But not the last. For the past 3 months, I’ve been working on an automated backup system – so I no longer need to wonder if things are backed up. They are. In at least two places. A little […]

Introducing Tag Maker for MarsEdit

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I’m a big fan of MarsEdit, I use it for all my weblog posting. The other day, I was wondering about making any arbitrary text a Technorati Tag. The result was the Tag Maker Applescript for MarsEdit. It takes any selected text and appends a ‘(t)’ to it linking to the corresponding tag at Technorati, […]