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The Government is Really in the Attention Business

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Hitting shuffle on the ‘unlistened podcast’ playlist this evening I hit Steve Gilmor’s conversation with Doc Searls on Attention back in November and the just published On the Media on the NSA eavesdropping on Americans for the last 4 years. Yes, in fact, I would like to see an AttentionTrust badge at (btw – […]

A Case for Attention.xml

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A couple months back, I was shopping for a new car, Jen and I spent hours combing automakers websites looking at their models, the model’s specs, comparing it against the car we wanted to buy. Ford knows I went to their site. Honda knows I went to their site. Both know which models I looked […]

We Edit Each Others Media in a Post-Filter World

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Previously, I’ve talked about the a Business Model for Abundance and what price means in an age of abundance. Seems like a meme going around. “Soon everything will make it to market and the real opportunity will be in sorting it all out.” – Chris Anderson Yes, I see Attention.xml playing a big role in […]

Your Attention.xml Please

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If you haven’t heard me proclaim, “RSS killed the visual web designer”, now you have. Quickly stated, RSS is a structured format for distributing text, audio (podcasting), video (vlogging), even applications in a convenient and anonymous way. For the publisher, RSS means the timeliness of email without the worry about spam filtering. For the reader, […]