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Garrick’s Recommended Reading List – 2014 Edition

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First Crack 116. Garrick Talks About the Legends of Paul Bunyan


It’s a new year, with a new president. An ideal time to clear the ground for a new America.

To start the chopping, Garrick reviews Legends of Paul Bunyan by Harold W. Felton touching on a boyhood trip to Paul Bunyan Land and the story of Sport the Reversible Dog.

Listen to Garrick talk about the Legends of Paul Bunyan [9 min].

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First Crack 111. Patricia Cumbie’s ‘Where People Like Us Live’

From the unpublished First Crack archives, I bring you a conversation I recorded in July 2007 with Minneapolis novelist, Patricia Crumbie on her then – yet to be published – young adult novel, Where People Like Us Live.

As you can tell from the links above, her book is now available. :)

In our conversation, we cover the book itself – a pretty tough topic that makes me uncomfortable, and how a course at the Loft Literary Center helped her change and polish the book to help it find a publisher.

Listen to Patricia Cumbie’s ‘Where People Like Us Live’ [9 min].