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A First Step

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“…take 100 great journalists, give them small HD camcorders and laptops and say ‘here’s your camera, there’s the door….They could upload their stories and feed them to a web site, 24 hours a day…..and it would not cost all that much…say we paid each of our 100 reporters, $140,000 a year. Where would you get […]

Garrick's Wireless Cities Presentation

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Here’s a first pass at my presentation for next week’s Wireless Cities conference. Even though I didn’t include my notes, I think the idea comes across in the slides. I’m looking for your thoughts and comments – that’s why I uploaded it days before the talk. Garrick-WirelessCities-Presentation.pdf [5mb]

Garrick Speaking at U of M's Wireless Cities Conference

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Mark your calendars, on April 16th, Peter Fleck and I will be on a panel with TCDailyPlanet‘s Executive Director – Jeremy Iggers, and the U’s Christina Lopez talking about how ubiquitous internet access will change community news. More info: Wireless Cities Conference, looks like it’s $75 for U students and staff, and $175 for the […]

What’s YouTube if Not Public Access?

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This weekend, Dan Gillmor is doing a workshop on how to make public-access TV relevant. His thoughts echo those I wrote about in, “Add Cable Public Access to the Endangered Species List“. Namely, it’s an artifact of a time when publishing was hard and expensive for citizens to do. My recommendation for cable companies to […]

Garrick Speaking at Civic League’s Future of Policy Making in MN Series

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On August 22nd, as part of the Citizens Leagues’ 2006 Summer Policy Series, I’ll be joining Tom Swain, Jean LeVander King, Jen Alstad, and Steve Borsch for a conversation on the Future of the Web and Civic Engagement. Should be an interesting conversation – especially since it kicks off at 7:30am. Here’s my initial thoughts […]