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DoubleShot Coffee’s Single-Click Order Dashboard Widget

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Yesterday, I came across the DoubleShot Coffee Order Widget. DoubleShot Coffee, the same Tulsa, OK folks on the receiving end of a trademark infringement claim by Starbucks, just made one giant leap for ecommerce. Simplicity and Persistence. After setting up credit card information on the widget’s backside, select one of their 18 coffees from the […]

Apple's Weather Dashboard Widget Won't Go Below 28F?

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As you might have heard, we finally got winter here in the upper Midwest. Not the Christmas-fluffy-white-snow-perfect-for-skiing-and-hot-cocoa-winter, the death-to-all-who-venture-out-of-doors winter. Both and say it’s a brisk -2°F (one degree lower since my last post). Strangely, Apple’s Weather Dashboard Widget tells me it’s a tropical 28°F and snowing. It’s way too cold to snow […]