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DroidDoes is the Anti-1984 Ad

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25 years ago, Apple announced their new, friendlier, easier-to-use personal computer with the iconic 1984 ad where a heroine throws a hammer – taking down a non-descript technical figure. Tonight, I watched Verizon’s new ad. Verizon is declaring Apple’s iPhone is too friendly, too simplified, too limiting – what you need is a non-descript […]

iPod Touch 2nd Generation 16GB: First Impressions

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A couple weeks back, I picked up a 2nd Generation Apple iPod Touch – partially so I could start playing with web apps for it and partially cause my much beloved 3rd Gen 40gig iPod is starting to flake out. I’ve been primarily for programming-related movies (PeepCode, SDRuby, and Pragmatic Programers), a calendar & address […]

The New Apple Product Dilemma

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Apple’s been great about keeping their product offerings simple and straight forward. Historically, the biggest question when deciding on which Apple computer to purchase was: Do I want the power & storage of a desktop or the portability of a laptop? Even today, the prices between a 2.4GHz iMac and a similarly spec’d 2.0GHz Mac […]

iPhone: Must Have Show Stoppers

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Last week, I wrote: “For every really cool thing the iPhone has, there’s a really lame thing. 3G even more so.” Abi Jones asked me to draw up the list. This is the first pass at the list. I’m expecting corrections and additions, especially post-July 11. Cool Lame From Apple From AT&T Lower device cost […]

Thinking About iPhone Web Apps for the Enterprise

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Apple’s initial iPhone application model (build a decent website) is brilliant. Websites are easily the fastest, most compatible, most maintainable, most popular, way to create software applications. Once Apple supported adding specific website’s to the icons on the iPhone’s home screen, you’ve got the equivalent of applications on the Palm Treo – with internet access […]

RE: Crushing the life out of the iPhone ecosystem

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A couple years back, after ‘getting’ the idea of having all my favorite audio with me at a moment’s click – I had grown bored of my then new 40gb iPod. A few minutes of searching and I found Doc Searls link about the iPod Platform. Suddenly, I was neck-deep in podcasting. Even in those […]

How the iPhone Unexpectedly Impressed Me

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I stopped by the Roseville Apple Store this afternoon to diagnose 2 recurring problems with my year old MacBook Pro; 6 month old battery barely holds a charge, and bottom quarter of the LCD screen is all multi-colored stripes – completely unusable. It’s just a few weeks outside of it’s one-year warranty, again proving to […]