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First Crack #127. A Guitar, Bass, Electric Trumpet, and Bryan Schumann

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Bryan Schumann and I talk about composing music, improvising music, and whether the classical guitar pairs better with an upright bass or an electric trumpet. Bryan Schumann’s links: Beznau Music Shop DeSchuVoemann Listen to A Guitar, Bass, Electric Trumpet, and Bryan Schumann. [27 min]

Quirk Persists

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A couple of quotes from Tim Quirk’s 10 year old interview the The Onion’s AVClub that came to mind earlier this week. I was mis-remembering them, posting them here so that happens less. “We were always trying to put out slick rock records. Even the crappily recorded stuff on Green Eggs And Crack was our […]

Considering His Lyrics

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For decades, I’ve been a fan of Tim Quirk’s lyrics. He has a way of expressing the melancholy of defeat with cutting brevity and a touch of wordplay. ‘Topless at the Arco Arena’ rolled through the iTunes this afternoon and I stopped to savor these three lines: Some rise by sin, Some by virtue fall, […]

First Crack 120. Wonderlick’s Tim Quirk on Truth Through Music

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I’ve been a fan of Tim Quirk’s music for 20 years – easy. The playful melancholy in throughout his songwriting continually resonates with me. When he announced the new Wonderlick album was in the works and available for ‘name-your-price’ pre-order – I jumped on the opportunity. When I started hearing about how successful the campaign […]

Garrick's SXSW 2009 Showcasing Artists Picks

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5 Stars Cable TV by Fol Chen Poppy beats and seductive vocals about doing absolutely nothing. Except watching cable tv. An prime example of the oft overlooked SlackerRock genre. Nothing At All by Madi Diaz Like chasing a butterflies through a field on a summer day. Winona by Totally Michael A love song to Winona […]

Garrick's SXSW 2008 Showcasing Artists Picks

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Not only are these picks really late (SXSW was months ago) but unlike other years, none of the 700+ tracks grabbed me immediately. The overall tone felt like the ‘college rock’ of 20 years ago. Good, sometimes interesting, artistic even, but every song sounds um, the same. As in previous years, these are track that […]

The Better Beatles

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Over the weekend, we picked up a little stuffed IKEA octopus (technically a pentapus) for C. On the drive back, I remembered of working the strawberry fields listening to the Beatles on a cassette Walkman over and over and over again (an irony I only now see). Discovering and rediscovering each album. As I tried […]

A Middle Man's a Middle Man

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“Apple is no different than Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or RIAA….No modern consumer is going to stop listening to their favorite band because Circuit City doesn’t carry their CD.” – Benn Jordan Benn’s post is one of the many articles online showing how little compensation musicians receive from the business organizations that are said to be […]

First Crack 103. Lunch with Minneapoliscast, How Was The Show, LocalTone and

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I bought Tony Thomas from Minneapoliscast, Andrea Meyers from, and Justin Grammens from, and Brian McDonough from lunch to talk about the Minneapolis music scene. We cover the goal of each of their sites, the challenges of finding good independent music, and Brian makes some band recommendations. Listen to Lunch with Minneapoliscast, […]

Drive 105 Repo'd. Replaced with Love

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The last hold-out in the Twin Cities commercial ‘alternative’ radio dial succumbed to Love today. “Every mini-van driving soccer mom with a 15 year old will be pleased as punch when she turns on her radio and hears this festival of shit pouring forth from her speakers.” – Sornie Two choices remain; The Current, or […]

Fear of Chicago

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I’ve got two trips to Chicagoland already queued up for this summer. The first one is Saturday, May 19. When, of this writing, I’ll be spending some time on a go-cart in Buffalo Grove. The last time I attended one of these events, I was trapped on a permanetly-docked gambling boat near Aurora after dining […]

Anyone know a good source for downloadin…

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Anyone know a good source for downloading, local, independent music. Specifically, I’m looking for Minnesota-based or MN, WI, NoDak, SoDak, IA music. Thanks Update 27 April 2007: I’ve Googled for answer to this question and come up with a number of local music directory projects – some clearly abandon, others just useless. All of these […]

This Song is a Commerical

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“This Song is a Commercial” by Wonderlick “The future is ad-supported music. Not that the idea is new idea but it is reality.” – NVTS, Evolving Trends The future is music as ad and the future is already here. Recorded music is an ad for the live performance (always has been). Recorded music is an […]

Follow My iTunes via Twitter

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Thanks to Doug Adams’ script, Current Track to Twitter v1.5, if you follow me via Twitter you’ll get continual updates on what I’m listening to. I’m digging Twitter as way to automatically publish in the background. I can keep my flow and we can stay connected. I see this quality that’ll keep Twitter from being […]

Garrick's 80 SXSW 2007 Showcasing Artist Picks

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When I started listening exactly 3 weeks ago, I was tossing out so many songs, I started wondering if there was anything fun and interesting in the 739 tracks. In fact, true to Sturgeon’s Law, 89% of the tracks didn’t do anything for me. Follows are the 80 tracks that, listen after listen, both pulled […]

May 4th: Too Much Joy's First Show in 10 Years

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True to their word, Too Much Joy never broke up – they just stopped having gigs. Until now. Friday, May 4th The Knitting Factory 74 Leonard Street New York, NY “It’s all ages. TMJ will be playing as a 5-piece, as both Sandy Smallens and William Wittman will be joining the celebration of drummer Tommy […]

SXSW 2007 Torrent Out

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It’s that time of year again – the time of year when SXSW releases their 3GB torrent files containing 739 mp3s this year’s Showcasing Bands. Yippee! And like past years, I’ll be keeping you up to date on my picks.

New Work Playlist – Thanks to Tangerine

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Since discovering Tangerine a couple months back, I’ve been tweaking the BPM-based playlist to find the ideal collection of tunes that keeps me working without calling too much attention to themselves. Here’s the iTunes Smart Playlist that’s been working for me for 2 weeks: BPM – is in the range – 90 to 110 My […]

Rediscover Your iTunes Library with Tangerine

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Like everyone else, my podcast listening (and publishing) has an inverse relationship to how busy I am at work. I’ve cut back to only the gPod – bookending the day – with music in the middle. A couple weeks back, I found Potion Factory’s Tangerine, a great little app that generates iTunes playlist based on […]

A Song for Each Side of a Workplace Break Up

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So, despite your better judgement you got involved in a workplace romance. Now you’re no longer crazy about your colleague or the job. Time to move on. A song for you: The Gentle Readers – Last Day at the Office A song for your other: Jeremy Messersmiths – Day Job

First Crack 85. Jeremy Messersmith Talking about the Alcatrez Kid

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Here’s my long-awaited conversation with Jeremy Messersmith talking about his new album, the Alcatraz Kid ($13.00 PayPal, City Pages review, Pulse review), and playing a couple of the songs of from it – two of my favorites (Day Job, Snow Day) and one of Jeremy’s (Great Times). Listen to Jeremy Messersmith Talking about the Alcatrez […]