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In Need of a Rural Internet-ification Administration

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This country is vast. “Miles and miles of little more than telephone line”, I wrote last summer after half-cross country road trip. The costs of providing and maintaining that infrastructure miles and miles between neighbors is baffling to me. Let along the fact we electrified the cornfields 70 years ago. But, unlike energy – we […]

AT&T – Getting an Annoying Band Back Together

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With the recent purchase of Bell South, it’s like you’re least favorite band getting back together for a reunion tour. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth but at least it’s hard to ignore. Of all the telecom services the new (same as the old) AT&T offers; mobile, long distance, local, DSL, etc. Only […]

Citywide WiFi Needed in the Twin Cities, As Is Symmetrical DSL

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I grabbed lunch with Leif Utne earlier this week. As you might expect, it was a pretty intense conversation on podcasting, technology, politics, and the overlap. First order of business, I’m down with Minneapolis going with a private company to run citywide WiFi network for the two reasons cited in the Strib article: Startup CostsThe […]