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“How long before Twitter carries exclusive content.”

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Dave Winer asks “…how long before the money jumps the gap and Twitter buys a struggling news organization.” If we say Facebook needs to buy Sony for the entertainment capture, promotion, and distribution synergies. Then who’s a likely acquisition target for Twitter? How about a small and medium market newspaper company like Media General? Makes […]

So, Keep the Hard, Expensive Part?

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“The newspaper’s value is in explaining a story in detail, rather than the bare headline, and putting it in a context. It’s also in choosing what to report and write about. By only including what they believe is important and worth knowing about, they make it manageable for readers to comprehend the totality of a […]

Clay Shirky on Newspapers

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“For the readers, old habits are not the same as current loyalty. For the advertisers, previous convenience does not translate into planned commitment. For the papers, historical longevity does not imply future resilience.” – Clay Shirky

Seems to Work for You

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“By selling access to potentially market-moving stories — some of which would theoretically also have a public-policy element or some other broader social value to them — the NYT would be sacrificing (in some sense at least) its commitment to readers and public journalism in return for subscription revenue from stock traders.” – Matthew Ingram, […]

Source Material

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The following brought great joy, optimism, and purpose to my morning: “Journalism itself is becoming obsolete….I happen to think journalism was a response to publishing being expensive. It cost a lot of money to push bits around the net before there was a net. They had to have huge capital-intensive printing plants, fleets of trucks […]

Adpaper Subscriptions Hold Steady

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This morning, staring at the messed up stack of folded broadsheets, I felt bold and broached the subject. “Honey, I’d like to rethink our subscription to the Sunday paper.” After an expectedly tense moment, she replies. “What’s the problem with me perusing a few weekly ads maybe reading the comics. It’s not an extravagant expense.” […]

RE: Blogger Sees Red Over StarTribune's Lack of Citation

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As if I didn’t have enough reasons to grumble at the STrib – a reporter doesn’t credit their sources. Coincidentally, on a story covering questionable ethics. “Come on, Jackie. You called me about this on Thursday afternoon. We discussed the story, I pointed you to sources where you could find more info, including the email […]

Strib: Off-Topic, Uncredited, Fear-fanning, Ads

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Reading the Strib’s Business section yesterday, I was reminded of Sesame Street’s “One of these things is not like the other” sketch. Here’s the story, can you guess which one doesn’t belong? “Grounds for worry: Trouble’s brewing in the economy, if the news from the nation’s biggest coffee chains is any indication. No. 2 player […]

RE: Pioneer Press to Launch 'e-paper'

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Every couple of years, the idea of delivering a frozen PDF instead of a living, breathing website hits my radar 1. This is the first time it hit’s this close to home. “Presumably, you’ll now be able to pay a premium to have a format that less searchable, doesn’t get corrected or updated the same […]

Fishwrap Fear

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First off, I commend law enforcement officials for their efforts over the past year to diffuse this movie-plot threat while it was still in the planning stage. This is proof investment in investigation pays off more than in airport screenings. “Several law enforcement officials said, however, there have been no direct threat[s] to the airport […]

I'm trying to find the online version of…

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I’m trying to find the online version of an article in Today’s PiPress. This is really hard. Searching for the author’s name doesn’t work. Copying the headline from the PDF version of the front page and pasting it into search doesn’t work. Found it. I Googled for the headline, the only result – Chuck’s posting […]

A First Step

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“…take 100 great journalists, give them small HD camcorders and laptops and say ‘here’s your camera, there’s the door….They could upload their stories and feed them to a web site, 24 hours a day…..and it would not cost all that much…say we paid each of our 100 reporters, $140,000 a year. Where would you get […]

Ad Standards for Newspapers?

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“Several wondered if the ad met the Star Tribune’s standards for acceptable advertising or if it was a mistake.” – Kate Parry, Star Tribune’s ombudsman Here’s our panel’s reaction to the issue: Snarky Garrick: “Until readers directly provide the Strib with enough revenue that advertising isn’t needed, their complaints should go in the recycling bin […]

The News Block by Block

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“The future of media is to stop boring us with news that doesn’t relate to our lives. I’ll start reading my ‘local’ newspaper again when it covers my block.” – Chris Anderson Chris nails the idea I’ve talked about on this blog (1, 2, 3) and in numerous lunches: the blog-on-every-corner news. St. Anthony Village […]

'Surrender' Has Such a Negative Connotation

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“What is killing newspapers, as I’ve written before, is…their antiquated distribution system…Dropping newspapers on driveways and putting them in corner boxes is cumbersome, compared with internet distribution.” – Shel Israel Not to mention theft-prone: “I didn’t want to cancel the paper because that would mean a complete surrender to the Internet and admittance of the […]

WSJ – Take Our Print Edition, Please

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“That I still receive the print edition of the WSJ is a farce — when I called to renew my subscription, I was told that it was actually cheaper to get both the print and online editions than the online edition alone — and then I suddenly started receiving the print edition at home as […]

Stop the Presses – Save the Journalism

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NickelNuts pointed me to an article by media lawyer, Steven P. Aggergaard article via instant messaging, I read it in my web browser, and then posted this to a weblog. Aggergaard is arguing we need to keep paper in newspaper – because that equals journalism and full-time jobs. Despite all the costs and overhead he […]

The Widing Space Between News and Paper

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Earlier this year – for about 3 months – McClatchy owned both the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Now…they own neither. After selling the PP to MediaNewsGroup in August, the Strib is now owned by a holding company with stakes in the Weekly Reader, yearbook publisher Jostens, and real estate marketing […]

Where Theory and Practice in Publishing Differ

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“…a newspaper blog, for example, has higher standards to maintain than a teenager’s rant blog…” – Mark Gisleson While I expect a higher standard of reporting from anything run through a printing press and sent over the FM dial (between 88.3 and 91.1) it’s a rare occasion the higher standard is delivered. In fact, I’m […]

The Adpaper, Who Needs News?

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“Like many of my geek compatriots, I rarely read a newspaper anymore. Paradoxically, when I do, it’s usually for the ads…..The news part of the newspaper was unread and discarded, a big waste of paper in my case.” – Brian Benz

Maybe My Star Tribune Subscription Is Paying For Itself

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Came back from vacation with 2 Sunday papers on my doorstep. Inspiring a real good conversation Sunday afternoon with my sister, Kari. She’s just that bit younger than me that newspapers don’t exist in her world. She doesn’t read them and she was nice enough to listen to me vent. As always, the writing in […]

Tasteless Art Affecting the Tastebuds at Holy Land Deli

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I was introduced to the Doner (Gyro or Kabob) during my time in Germany. The Turkish immigrants brought it with them. Aside from the thinly-sliced lamb, the rest of the ingredients were German; cabbage inside stuffed in a quarter of the circular flatenbrot. In Minneapolis, there’s only one place to get a good gyro – […]

What To Do with 10 Sears Ads?

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Sunday Star Tribune seemed a little heavy for a boring, post-holiday, January weekend. As I culled out the handful of things I actually care about; comics big box electronics ads “signature” – maybe there’s something interesting this week “money + business” – maybe there’s something interesting this week the Satellite radio article in “arts & […]

MNSpeak is the New City Pages

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The Star Tribune’s Jon Trevlin writes a FUD-mongering piece on “the City Pages’ parent’s possible merger“. In his first 2 sentences there’s; an ‘if’, a ‘may’, and two ‘mights’. As a sign of things to come, Rex at MNSpeak pointed me to the online article. I read MNSpeak 2-3 times a day, during my regular […]

Star Tribune Re-arranging Deck Chairs

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This week the Star Tribune launches their much (internally) debated redesign. It’s been previously dissed by City Pages and MNSpeak. This morning, I read the special 8 page pullout outlining the “new features” and the editor’s comments on it. I’m less than impressed and – even with 3 cups of coffee – still un-enthused. Here’s […]

What I Read in the Sunday Paper – Sept 11, 2005

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I started ignoring the Star Tribune’s OpEx section almost immediately after we signed up for the Sunday home delivery. I was expecting well thought through logical arguments rather than the ‘look-a-shiny-thing-that-supports-my-position’ ignorance so popular on television “news”. But, like I said, I don’t read it. Today, I started reading the headline. Half way into the […]

What I Read in the Sunday Paper

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Jen and I have subscribed to a Sunday paper as long as I can remember. In Chicago, it was the Chicago Tribune, here in Minnesota on the west side of Highway 280, it’s the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Leisurely reading the paper over doughnuts and coffee is a tradition I’m quite fond of. In an effort […]