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No Map Between Us

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I always been a fan of Tim Coyne’s ‘Unkempt’ series. Tim’s delivery and storytelling is honest, vulnerable, and funny. And, most of all, I can relate to his overarching theme: the challenges of maintaining long term relationships despite a parents’ divorce fucking it up from the start. Tim’s drive to run away from the problems […]

Opening Line

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Over the weekend, when the boy and I were out and about, we shared the following exchange – on each and every occasion. (automatic doors opens) “Papa, are those doors magic?” “Any sufficiently advanced technology, son…any sufficiently advanced technology….”

Introducing Baby Waverly

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Waverly, my new baby girl, was born in the wee hours of the morning on Dec 30. Everyone was home in time to ring in the new year. Couldn’t ask for more. Oh, the reason her eyes are closed in the photo: when open her eyes emit a light as blinding and entrancing as the […]

The New Dad Book Needing To Be Written

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We’ve Got Money, What We Need is You A New Dad’s Family Handbook The first time around, we picked up the stereotypical new parent books. If any of you are having your first child – you only need one of those books. Go to the bookstore, page through them all, buy the one that makes […]

License Recalled

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Mattel Inc, recalls 9 million toys after recalling 1.5 millon. All the recalled products are licensed – Barbie, Batman, Big Bird, Cars, Dora, Elmo, Thomas (shakes fist). Back In My DayTM, very few licensed toys were allowed in the house. I’m sure it was a combination of the ickyness of branding your child, the sensitivity […]

Baby Talk Less

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“The most important fact to come from this study is there is no clear evidence of a benefit coming from baby DVDs and videos, and there is some suggestion of harm” – Frederick Zimmerman, University of Washington While I’d like more info on the study methodology (phone interviews with 1K families in MN & WA) […]

Spanking is Striking

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There, I said it. Spanking a child is child abuse. There, I said it again. For three reasons: If same action anywhere else on the body would be considered abuse – it’s abuse. It shows children that bigger, stronger people have the right to hurt smaller people. So, big brothers think it’s OK to strike […]

The Problems with School Choice

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Seems to me, programs that encourage parents to send their kids to schools outside of their immediate neighborhood is a bad idea in a number of ways: Gives parents no incentive to improve their schools or neighborhoods. Makes bad schools worse by reducing their resources. Redirects education dollars into fuel tanks to bus kids further […]

Some Post-Pre-Dad Thoughts

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Daddy Types is collecting thoughts for Soon-to-Be-Dads. Mine: Everyday, take your family for a walk. And a bonus story: One of our neighbors rang the doorbell one night back when Little C was just a few months old. Jen and I were watching TV and I was giving Little C his early evening bottle. The […]

5 Tips on International Travel with Toddlers

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Here are a few things I thought I’d share with you on traveling internationally with toddlers. Backpacks are better than strollers.It’s far easier to get through airports, old European cities, and tour castles with Little C strapped to my back than in a terrain-sensitive stroller. As ill-fitting as our current Kelty is, I couldn’t imagine […]

Smells Like Home

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We’re back in Minneapolis. Probably the least eventful trans-Atlantic journey I’ve ever taken. A couple minor hiccups leaving BRU, but nothing that slowed us down. In fact, despite sitting on the tarmac in the rain for 45 minutes on departure and 20 minutes on arrival while the jet-way wouldn’t connect, then going through customs and […]

Cherishing the Unrecorded Moments

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As many photos we take of the little guy, none of them capture his laugh. As many times I try to record his laugh, it never captures the joy in his eye. Handing him the phone to talk with Grandma is the surest way to make stop talking. I have a memory of playing with […]

What a Difference 3 Blocks Makes

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We’ve been in the new place about a week now, and I’m amazed at the difference 3 blocks makes. Seriously, from 2700 block of 31st to the 2900 block of 30th. All week, there’s been kids riding bikes, shooting hoops, and we’ve met half our neighbors. Rock on. Speaking of rocks. We’re deep into the […]

Sam's a Genius – National Geographic Lullabies Before Bedtime

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A couple weeks after Cooper was born, Sam sent over National Geographic Around the World Lullabies. Of course, it went straight into Cooper’s playlist on the iPod. Tonight Cooper was inconsolable. None of the usual settling down techniques were working and we were scratching our heads with what to do. Attempting to think strategically between […]

My Mom Reads This Blog

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Just thought you (those of you that aren’t my mom) should know. I don’t know about my other blogs – so you should be safe commenting there. Aside from making me think I should stop posting some of the more technical topics, I’m happy for it. Blogging is shorthand – right. Those of you that […]

Newborn Diaper Review

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We started with a couple packages of Huggies newborn diapers. Worked well enough. Though odd things would happen – say, Cooper’s back would be wet. How’s that happen? I wrote it off to our model being slightly smaller than Huggies’ newborn model. Then we mixed in a couple packages of Pampers newborn diapers. Despite their […]

Things That Mean Nothing to Cooper

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My mom has this great collection of 45s. I remember spending some fantastic afternoons as a kid spinning Joan Jett, the Beatles, and so many other classics. This lazy Saturday afternoon, we had the 89.3 the Current on for Cooper and they played a song by the Pixies. Jen to Cooper: “This was the first […]

Say Hi to Cooper Roland Van Buren

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Yes, as of 00:55 Nov 7 2005, yours truly is a officially a father. Light blogging ahead all across the gFeed universe. Well, everywhere except for Cooper’s Photo blog. 10 fingers, 10 toes, eyes like black olives, and just a tinge of strawberry blonde hair.