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Short URLs Re-defining SEO

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It’s conventional search engine optimization wisdom that URLs should contain words, separated by either dashes or underscores. This approach improves the readability of the URL – making it more usable for people while simultaneously giving internet robots something to work on. But with people sharing URLs within places – like Twitter and Facebook (and … […]

Search Engines Not Following

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There are two semantic phenomena made prominent with the advent of tagging: We use related words to describe a concept wrapped in a point-of-view. If memory serves, in his Ontology is Overrated presentation Clay Shirky uses “film”, “movies”, and “cinema” as an example. Each of these words describes similar, but different things. We use the […]

Aggregation Not Adding Value?

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Splogs or spam-blogs are a problem I’ve touched on before. I find them annoying and whenever Technorati points me to something smelling sploggy, I hit my SplogReporter bookmarklet. My criteria for splog: whole-cloth copying of another weblog’s post minimal or nonexistent attribution to the original authors and weblogs no explicit “we’re aggregating these sites” messaging […]