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Taking Stock

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“So if you are in the position to have somebody else handle your flow while you tend to your stock: awesome. But that’s true for almost no one, and will (I think?) be true for even fewer over time, so you need to have your own plan for this stuff.” – Robin Sloan A continuous […]

Two Prices

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“This is, after all, the way of our new product-based civilization — in order to participate as a citizen of the social web, you must yourself manufacture content. Progress requires that forms must be filled. Thus it is a critical choice of any adult as to where they will perform their free labor.” – Paul […]


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“What does Facebook tell China when they ask if Facebook can be used to overthrow governments?” – Dave Winer This question – on its face – is good. Load in all the U.S. media stories about Facebook being used to organize government revolts, the value of China to the U.S. economy, Wikileaks, and Dave’s work […]

Stinkin' Flair

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List of Foursquare Badges FrontierVille Badges: Learn how to earn every stinkin’ badge right here List of Kongregate Badges Introduction to Merit Badges What are HuffPost Badges

Killing Time

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This morning, even before my first cup of coffee – I went through my stable of Twitter accounts and started deactivating them. Easier and more straightforward than I expected. That was before Leo Laporte’s Buzz Kill post hit my radar: “It makes me feel like everything I’ve posted over the past four years on Twitter, […]

Facebook is the Future of Television

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“But in the meantime the Net’s going to look way too much like the last days of TV. Which it will be.” – Doc Searls This morning, I heard a broadcast radio discussion on the future of television . First off – the host made the assumption that cable television is some sort of necessity. […]

Second Guessing Social Media Buttons

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“What if I had put Myspace links on, or Digg links on my stories in 2005? When you go back through the archive those would seem crazy, almost defacing of the content. Don’t those things belong in toolbars or bookmarklets?” – Dave Winer And that’s just one problem with the proliferation of ‘twitter this’, ‘Facebook […]

Mental Exercise: Who Wins When Twitter Stumbles?

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In continuing my short sell of social media, I’ve been imagining Twitter and Facebook as holdings in a hedge fund manager’s portfolio. In my amateur understanding of hedge funds: the goal is to reduce risk and maximize returns by investing in assets that move in the opposite direction. The magic is in finding the complimentary […]

Shorting Toxic, er, Social Media

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Over on the Twitter the other day, I wrote: “Yes, that giant sucking sound you hear is me buying up CDSs against UGC-backed securities. #shorting_social_media” Right now, the similarities between the overheated real estate market of a few years ago and the current chatter around the marketing potential of Twitter and Facebook are uncanny. Turns […]

Please Exit the Silo in a Calm and Orderly Fashion

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In my world – Twitter and Facebook streams seem to be slowing down, while I’m hearing rumors of more people “using” both services – it’s not translating to me seeing new faces. Hell, I’m even seeing fewer familiar faces. And half expecting to hear Whit Stillman‘s next project is titled “Social Network”. Not a bad […]

Dr. Sheepthrow Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Social Media

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A while ago, I heard Someone Influential1 arguing that the problem with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc, is that they are inherently interpersonal spaces designed and built by asocial people. Who else happily spends that much time between-chair-and-keyboard rather than out, with, um, people? As the argument goes, our actual social relationships are […]

Short URLs Re-defining SEO

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It’s conventional search engine optimization wisdom that URLs should contain words, separated by either dashes or underscores. This approach improves the readability of the URL – making it more usable for people while simultaneously giving internet robots something to work on. But with people sharing URLs within places – like Twitter and Facebook (and … […]

Pownce, Exit Here.

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While, I wasn’t kind to Pownce a year ago, twice even. There are many unfortunate things about the shuttering of Pownce. Halfway down the list is making the mistaken assumption that the same shuttering couldn’t happen to Twitter (or any other centralized, free, web service). Remember Evan sold Blogger to Google 6 years ago – […]

Sharing is Caring

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Like yourself, I travel in a number of personal and professional circles; dad’s open gym night, neighbors, this project team, that project team, peers via podcasting, peers through information architecture, peers through visual design, etc. Each circle has different values and finds different things relevant. The chances of something I find interesting being relevant to […]

You're Worth $294.12

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“I WANT to be enthused about things like Myspace, and Facebook, and Second Life, and iLike…In every case, I feel like people are blindly giving away value, and not getting enough in return. What do you get from these websites that you can’t get on your own? What do they do for you that you […]

Assuming a Silo?

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My only issue with A Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web is that it seems to assume a silo. Cause, why else would it be needed? If I always have full control (i.e. installing and maintaining a wordpress install on my own servers – not at why would I need beg […]

Twitter Ends Friendship

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In a move that should rock the ‘social network space’, Twitter just removed the vague, confusing, juvenile label of ‘friend‘, replacing it with the more descriptive ‘following‘ 1. Aside from the label being more accurate 2 it creates a nice symmetry with ‘followers‘. You and I could say ‘friend‘ is the overlap between the two, […]

Chatter – Friendly Tumble Blogging

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“Garrick knocks Pownce … what will he think of Chatter?” – Bruno Bornsztein Finally, a web app that knows how to handle a new account – Bruno sends me an invite via email. I click the link. Chatter asks me my name – then emails me a password. That’s it. Beautiful. If you’re building or […] – In Need of a Special Purpose

Posted by & filed under Pownce, Social Networks. feels like the bastard child of Basecamp and MySpace. Four kinds of things (messages, links, files, events) all going into the same bucket. No tagging or grouping or other categorization – aside from the information type, all sent out to everyone as email notifications not including the message. Just a link back to the […]

Twittergrams: Guarding the Rhino

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(photo CNN) In Swahili the tick bird is named ‘askari wa kifaru,’ meaning ‘the rhino’s guard.’ The bird eats ticks it finds on the rhino and noisily warns of danger. Although the birds also eat blood from sores on the rhino’s skin and thus obstruct healing, they are still tolerated. Take a look at what […]

I'm hesitant to build too much on top of…

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I’m hesitant to build too much on top of Twitter. Not just because of their historic instability, but because they’re a single silo – and each day brings a yet another silo. With, I’m relying on Twitter for registration. With the Twittergram work I’m doing, it’s that and a little bit more. Unlike Facebook, […] Has Audio & Video Twittergrams

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Looks like already has the Flash-based recorder Dave talked about. Like Jaiku, you can add other feeds to your profile basically aggregating and auto-posting. No, Hictu doesn’t have an API (at least obviously). Ha. Punny. Yes, the ‘micro-blogging’ space is getting as silly as the social network, ‘start page’, and to-do list manager spaces. […]