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Fitness Crossroad Group Fitness Calendar for iCal & Google Calendar

I rejoined the Fitness Crossroad, the neighborhood gym about a month ago and have yet to make it a regular part of my schedule.

In hopes of more quickly getting in a comfortable rhythm1 I’ve ported their Group Fitness Schedule PDF into a subscribe-able calendar (for iCal or Google Calendar).

If you’re in the area and have the same need – here’s the link for your calendar: Fitness Crossroad Group Fitness Calendar

1. As an additional incentive – I’ve committed to burning >1300 calories each week between now and January.

Decision 2008, and My Vote Goes to…

Attention, St. Anthony Villagers, your sample ballots are here (Hennepin | Ramsey)

My votes;

Presidential & Vice Presidential:
Barak Obama & Joe Biden

U.S. Senator:
Dean Barkley

U.S. Representative District 5:
Keith Ellison

U.S. State Representative District 54a:
Mindy Greiling

Constitutional Amendment: Clean Water, Wildlife, Cultural Heritage and Natural Area: Yes.

Overall, the decisions were easy. Either the incumbents are doing a great job, or their competitors irked and frustrated me multiple times.

VillageFest 5k – 28:20

A light, refreshing rain started with the VillageFest 5k this morning. The course was a nice tour of the south-western corner of the Village, with a few more zigs and zags than I’d like.

Even in the rain, a few fellow citizens – including Jen and C – stood on the corners to cheer everyone on. Thank you and thanks to the police officers blocking street traffic for the duration of the race.

While the first 2ks went really well (4’48 k/mn & 5’02 respectively), I spent the third (5’30) struggling to find a pace. There was a golden retriever just ahead of me and we took the 4th k together (5’03), when he found a squirrel. I took that opportunity to shoot ahead finishing (5’03) with a sprint I didn’t know was left.

After that we all headed up to the community center for the pony rides, petting zoo, face painting, and the entire purpose of VillageFest – the helicopter ping pong ball drop.

Unfortunately, Bush is in town to checking out the remains of the 35W bridge. So, in addition to the increasing showers dampening the festivities, the Village airspace is restricted grounding the ball drop. Totally not worth having the POTUS in town.

What a bust.

Gas Line Break: Old Highway 8 & New Brighton Blvd

From the St. Anthony Police Dept, 8:47am:

“Our department is currently on the scene of a significant gas line break in the area of Old Highway 8 and County Road 88. At this time, officers are evacuating the residents of the Arbor’s Townhomes located in the immediate area of the break.”

Update 9:20am:

“The damage to the gas line involves a steel pipe that can not simply be pinched off. They are currently awaiting a part to repair/replace the damaged line and it is expected to take over an hour to complete the repair.”

Suspicious Van in the Village

This just in from the St. Anthony Police Department “Suspicious Activity” mailing list:

On the morning of May 11th, two young boys were playing basketball in front of a home in the 3500 block of Belden. A black full-size van with tinted windows pulled up next to the driveway and the driver asked the boys to let him see them make some baskets. As an adult inside the home came to the door, the driver was heard telling the boys he would see them tomorrow. The van then left the area. The driver was described as a white male approximately 40-50 years old. The van and the driver were not known to the juveniles or the adult.

The driver did not make any attempt to entice the boys to come closer or to get into the vehicle.

The News Block by Block

“The future of media is to stop boring us with news that doesn’t relate to our lives. I’ll start reading my ‘local’ newspaper again when it covers my block.” – Chris Anderson

Chris nails the idea I’ve talked about on this blog (1, 2, 3) and in numerous lunches: the blog-on-every-corner news.

St. Anthony Village is a pretty small town geographically, 3 square miles. Imagine if just the houses on the corners published something community-related every other day. That’s 1/3 of your neighbors writing about what’s happening on their block – regularly. More frequently than any of the papers – all without an ‘Associated Press’ byline.

Sure, the same topics will be covered…but the importance (relevance + intimacy + community) will be so much greater. Plus, far greater comprehensiveness on any given subject whether High School Ice Hockey or City Council proceedings. Overlap verifies.

Later 11 Apr 2007
I just picked up

SAFD Says Merry Christmas 2006

We finished trimming our first, real, Christmas tree in 4 years tonight, good thing too. Tonight was the annual, unofficial, St. Anthony Village Christmas parade.

Christmas carols waving in and out of earshot as not one, not two, but four (!) St. Anthony Village Fire Department vehicles slowing cruising each block. Of course, the lighted reindeer and Santa on a firetruck is the main attraction. From our place on the corner, the anticipation was nearly unbearable. When they finally pulled around 30th Street, we threw a winter cap on bottle-sucking Little C, and ran out to meet them. As did a handful more Villagers across the street.

In addition, our fine, holiday-spirit-filled firemen were also collecting Toys-for-Tots.

Year after year, one of most entertaining reasons to live here.

The 5th Congressional District Race from My Corner

A couple weeks back, the family and I checked out the St. Anthony Village VillageFest parade (How could we not?). Of course, the candidates for the 5th District were there – well…I shook hands with Ember Reichgott Junge (points for a cool sign and strong German name) and Mike Erlandson (points for Sabo endorsement). I don’t remember seeing Paul Ostrow or Keith Ellison in person (losing points), but their reps were there…I think.

Afterwards, reviewing their positions – read like more a race for who disliked Bush more. Listening to the MPR State Fair debate, they’re tripping over each other on who’s more progressive. At first glance, they all look very similar.

Here’s a quick comparison table highlighting their differences from what I gleaned in the MPR debate. Note, they all talk real fast, so some of the quoting might be off, and yea, most of it is “what I heard”.

Universal Healthcare:
Ellison: We need to stand up to the Healthcare “man” – that’s why we don’t have it yet.
Ember: The Healthcare industry controls the federal government – that’s why we haven’t had it yet.
Erlandson: Democrats need a financing mechanism for universal health care – that’s why we don’t have it yet.
Ostrow: Healthcare is a national issue, needs a national solution – that’s why we don’t have it yet.

Public Transit:
Ellison: We need to stand up to the oil and coal industries.
Ember: We need lots more light rail lines. It takes years for light rail to happen.
Erlandson: All public transit should be free. We can find creative ways to fund stadiums, we need to do the same for public transit.
Ostrow: Me too.

Foreign Policy:
Ellison: I supported the cease fire, before the cease fire was cool. “I’m for talking with people…even those you don’t agree with.”
Ember: The prerequisite of peace is disarmament.
Erlandson: Israel is the only democracy in that region – it has a right to defend itself.
Ostrow: Iraq is a war of lies. The US has no international credibility – we need to rebuild those relationships.

Crime & Safety:
Ellison: I’ve got more street cred than Mike Erlandson.
Ember: Early childhood education is the #1 way to prevent crime.
Erlandson: More education for 3 & 4 year olds. Invest in the neighborhoods and fund education. More cops on the streets.
Ostrow: Republican policies have gutted public safety. We should add serial numbers to bullet casings.

President George Bush:
Ellison: Impeach him – I’ll do it right now.
Ember: Investigate impeachment, Congress needs to get a backbone. Bush needs to be accountable.
Erlandson: Let’s not waste the next two years on impeachment, Let’s fix the financial problems caused by the Republicans. Bush can make a war abroad, but not a peace at home.
Ostrow: Congress needs to put a smackdown on Bush – across the board.

On Raising Federal Taxes…
Ellison: Federal taxes need to be re-appropriated.
Ember: Repeal federal tax breaks for most affluent.
Erlandson: Federal taxes need to be raised on most affluent.
Ostrow: Me too.

On Bringing the Troups Home
Ellison: “I’m the peace candidate.”
Ember: All troups out in 12 months.
Erlandson: Set a date to begin withdrawal, apologize to the rest of the world for Bush’s failed war.
Ostrow: Troops out now, we need an exit strategy.

Final Pitch
Ellison: Vote for me, I’m endorsed by the DFL, and all y’all can help me take down the “man”.
Ember: Vote for me, I don’t like Bush, and I’ve been in office for 18 years and I’m a woman.
Erlandson: Vote for me, I’m endorsed by Sabo and have worked in Washington with him.
Ostrow: Vote for me, I don’t like Bush.

For me, Ostrow and Ember lost this debate. The race is between Ellison and Erlandson. I like Erlandson’s jawline more and his endorsement by Sabo. Ellison seems a little feisty. At this point, I can’t tell what Ellison’s Talk vs. Walk ratio is, so I’m still sticking with Erlandson.

For a longer, even more in-depth and snarky analysis, talk to Mr. Sponge.

How 'Bout Just the Lot?

As expected, the contractor that bought our old place is now selling the lot. If you were interested in the location, but not so much the house itself. It is now a blank canvas. Build as you wish.

Reminds me of scene from the Chevy Chase classic Fletch Lives (which, coincidentally, I saw at the now boarded-up theater in the Village):

Fletch: [flirting] Hey Betty, how about lunch at the In N’ Out Burger?

Betty Dilworth: [disgusted] No.

Fletch: Okay, forget the burger, how about just the In N’ Out?

[she sneers at him]

Fletch: Ok, how about just the In?

Much Love to the St. Anthony Village Muni

After working inside all day (still too much construction noise to move the office outside) I took a the 7-block walk up to the Chipotle in our nearly a year-old Silver Lake Village (spot of the old Apache Plaza mall donchaknow).

In addition to burritos, crack stone creamery, and a handful of other less than compelling storefronts, there’s a St. Anthony Village municipal liquor store. The second in fact. The original is a half dozen block south of us.

I popped in just to check it out their import beer selection – which continually impresses me. Yes, I was impressed. Shelf upon shelf of interesting Belgian and English brews.

Much love to their buyer.

What a Difference 3 Blocks Makes

We’ve been in the new place about a week now, and I’m amazed at the difference 3 blocks makes. Seriously, from 2700 block of 31st to the 2900 block of 30th.

All week, there’s been kids riding bikes, shooting hoops, and we’ve met half our neighbors. Rock on.

Speaking of rocks. We’re deep into the road construction. Both streets have been stripped of their asphalt, and there’s some pretty big machines sprinkled up and down the street.

Yea, Cooper’s loving the new place. Lots of space to roll around on the carpet and do this weird crawling thing he’s doing right now. Here, you can practice at home:

  1. Get down on your hands and knees
  2. Flatten your feet against the floor and straighten your legs
  3. Fall forward
  4. Repeat

Cabina Italian Kitchen – Culver's With Gnocchi

While the house was being shown tonight, Jen and I tried out Cabina’s Italian Kitchen in the ever maturing Silver Lake Village.

I’m not sure why, I always assume Italian places are going to be Maggiano’s and pricier. Tonight, I was more in the mood for Chipotle than than sit-down Italian.

Cabina’s is closer to Culver’s than Maggiano’s. Both in proximity and in concept – there’s a Culver’s 2 blocks away. Like Culver’s, you order and pay up-front and they bring the food to your table. Like Maggiano’s they have fresh-tasting gnocchi (not in Vodka sauce – blah). The baked penne was bland. As was the cheese bread appetizer. The staff was friendly and anxious to help.

Unfortunately, their helpfulness made their role unclear; they bring food, they clear dishes, do I also order from them?

Open House Sat, Feb 25 – 2-4pm and Sun, Feb 26 – 1-3pm

Just got word there’ll be an Open House at 2701 31st Ave NE, St Anthony, MN from 2-4pm this Saturday, Feb 25th. This one’s open to everyone.

If you want to check the place out, mark your calendars. Especially if you’re looking for a great starter house for you and your dog.

No, we won’t be there.

If you can’t make Saturday, come by Sunday between 1-3pm.

Nine parties came by for the open houses total, with an additional showing on each day. Today (Monday) there’s another showing. There’s a good chance 2 parties are interested. Hope so.

Welcome to St. Anthony Village, You Have Now Left Minneapolis

Let’s say you bought the house we’re selling in St. Anthony Village. If you did, you wouldn’t be a Minneapolitan – you’d be a Villager. St. Anthony Village is it’s own 3-square mile city – St. Anthony, MN to be specific.

Yes, NE is in address and the post office will deliver to a 2701 31st Ave NE Minneapolis, MN address (think of that as a fringe benefit). This is different than NE Mpls in a couple of ways:

Plus, the City Hall/Community Center is just 4 blocks away (coincedently, so is Mpls proper).

We like this city so much, we’re staying Villagers. I suspect this is also why very few houses go on the market in the Village.

2701 31st Ave NE St Anthony Village has an MLS Number

The house is on the MLS now – #3152250. Woo hoo.

I see this house being perfect for 3 different people:

  1. Single people (even with kids)
    It’s a small place, easy to maintain, with lots of storage. Easy access to downtown and the highways with a huge lot for gardening and landscaping.
  2. DINKs or DIPs
    Just the two of you and a couple of dogs that need to run? Comfortable, cozy spaces for pets and their stuff and yes, outdoor space for games of fetch. We didn’t have pets when we bought it, the lower maintenance and expense of a small house was perfect for us.
  3. Developers
    Wanna build a half-million dollar home in St. Anthony Village? Seems like a decent price for a big lot like this. For a while we were talking about adding a big, modern addition in the side yard. Living in this place during all the construction.

More info in my earlier post and over at Sam’s Urban Realty website as well.

We're Selling Our House in St. Anthony Village, MN

We’re starting the listing at $189,900 and if you’re interested drop Sam a line.

With New Front Door

This place just isn’t big enough for the 3 of us. So, we’re moving on. If you’ve followed this blog, you’ll know the backyard is great for watching movies off the laptop and recording podcasts. Bamboo flooring on the first floor, new carpeting upstairs, brand new stainless steel fridge, gas range, and dishwasher. Furnace and water heater less than 5 years old. There’s a little more than 700 sq ft on the main level. Yes, the single Linksys wi-fi router easily covers the house and backyard.

The house is on the high school marching band’s parade route and 2 blocks from the 4th of July parade route. Plus, we had an amazing vegetable garden along the east side of the house.

Other neat details: Huge lot (60*130), 5 miles NE of downtown Minneapolis. Between The Quarry and Silver Lake shopping centers. Lots of parks, a coffee shop, and a liquor store within walking distance. 1-car detached garage with second parking spot behind house. Easy freeway access.

It’ll officially go on the market on Monday any day now, so consider this a sneak preview. If you’re interested, drop me a line and I’ll forward you to our agent.

More Photos:
After Dining Room 2 After Kitchen After Living Room

Happy Holidays from St. Anthony Village


This is the second winter we’ve spent in the house and the second winter somebody covered a city firetruck in lights, turned the carols up to 11, strapped a sleigh on the back, threw Santa in it, and drove around the village spreading holiday cheer.

Like the summer’s helicopter ping-pong drop – it makes both Jen and I smile for living here.