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RE: Blogger Sees Red Over StarTribune's Lack of Citation

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As if I didn’t have enough reasons to grumble at the STrib – a reporter doesn’t credit their sources. Coincidentally, on a story covering questionable ethics. “Come on, Jackie. You called me about this on Thursday afternoon. We discussed the story, I pointed you to sources where you could find more info, including the email […]

Way Off Target

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I caught the same article Dave did this morning at the CP Blotter and didn’t think anything of it. Thankfully, Dave did a little poking around and found the “three of every four dollars in profit” is not on all of Target profit, but rather on the 15% increase in profits in a single quarter. […]

What's the Opposite of Tarjey?

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When we lived in Evanston, there was this Target just a few blocks away. Stuff on the floor, expired milk in the aisle, very un-Target-like. We got into the habit of asking people about whether or not a particular Target was “good.” We came back up here for a wedding and asked the clerk at […]

Minneapolis Scobleized

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Tim, Cody, Chuck and I grabbed a drink with Robert Scoble tonight. And I also met local open source CMS developer Tim Broeke from ElectricJet. If you’re finger isn’t on the pulse of weblogs, Scoble is Microsoft’s ├â┬╝berblogger. He was in town to start a conversation with Target. I applaud Target for this. There are […]