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Bringing Me-dia to Rural America

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For a few weeks in the early 80’s the town 30 miles down the road had a broadcast TV station. The only TV broadcaster in the county. In the 20 years that follow, it’s only been Eau Claire, LaCrosse, or Minneapolis TV. Communities at least another hour away (if not 2) with no incentive to […]

What’s the Browser Matter?

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I’ve been pondering a redesign of this website for a while now. As it should be, it’s way down the bottom of my Things To Do, but it’s there. I’m writing this in MarsEdit, I’ll read it in NetNewsWire. According to my server logs, some of you are reading this within your Google homepage, Newsgator […]

First Crack 78. The Trouble with Business Models

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As I promised, here’s the second half of my conversation with J Wynia on geeky stuff. (The first half is at Here, we talk about making money, keeping overhead low, income diversification, and making sure an idea needs a business model. Inspiring our Conversation Gillmor Gang Hugh MacLeod Jonathan Coulton’s Thing a Week 37Signals’ […]

First Crack 76. Paying Attention with J Wynia

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Back from SXSW 2006, J Wynia and I grabbed a morning tea and talked about: Using email clients for reading and managing RSS feeds J’s Windows Attention Recorder and Edison Thomaz’ OnLife and the AttentionTrust Recorder Comparing technology adoption to the ebb and flow of tides The ethics and benefits of attention recording Some thoughts […]

Back to Basics 2.0

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I predict the next internet-enabled application to capture our imagination will have no AJAX, Flash, what-have-you. It will be so minimal, so basic, so straight-forward, it’ll make’s interface feel complicated. On a related note: “Here’s betting that ‘Web 2.0′ is what we’ll call the next crash.” – Doc Searls

The Niche is You

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There must be something in the air, Seth Godin picked up the ‘who’s the audience when everyone publishes?’ argument. Seth is of course right – the cost of the production is quickly reaching zero. Fantastic blog software like WordPress is free – just the cost of implementation. Other hosted services are free. Once a blog […]

Add Cable Public Access to the Endangered Species List

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The MACTA talk was interesting. I sat next to tech lawyer, Brian Grogan. He explained the regulatory difference between cable companies and phone companies in this age where everyone is offering video over IP. I believe the difference came down to whether the video was offered exclusively on the proprietary network or available on the […]

First Crack 63. Coffee Technology with Timothy Tulloch of

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Timoth Tulloch, CEO and Roastmaster at Minnesota-based European Roasterie (, and I talk coffee technology, from brewing to packaging, and why he’s aggressively moving into the single-serve coffee pod program (declaring the Black & Decker Home Cafe the best pod brewer). We wrap up with the culture of specialty coffee and how independent coffee shops […]

Google Buys Then Kills Urchin

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If you’ve been tracking the ‘Most Popular Episodes by Downloads/Day’ way down on the far left column of the website, you’ve probably noticed it hasn’t been updated in a while. I know I have. The great guys at TextDrive moved servers and as such needed to revise their licensing on the Urchin – the server […]

Laptop Killing TV and Stereo

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I had a post on my personal blog about wanting my favorite movies and TV shows available as digital downloads, rather than DVDs. Looks like I’m not the only one considering my laptop the all-in-one media and communications center. PSFK points to an article on British youth not owning televisions. I picked up a Tivoli […]

Subscribing to the First Crack Podcast is Easy with iTunes 4.9

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If you’ve been listening to the show through your web browser, your life just got easier. The latest version of Apple’s iTunes is out now and full support podcasts. Here’s how Click Here to subscribe to the First Crack Podcast in Apple’s iTunes Select the “Subscribe to Podcast” from the “Advanced” menu Copy and Paste […]

First Crack 47. Documenting Push the Future 2005

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Push the Future 2005 was held this week at the newly renovated Walker Art Center. This episodes of the First Crack podcast are bits of my conversations with Loretta Hidalgo, Push Singha, Ethan Zuckerman, Leif Utne, Tom Mandel, and Push the Future founder Cecily Sommers. Listen to Documenting Push the Future 2005 [17 min] Let’s […]

First Crack 43. Web 2.0 in Minneapolis

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My coverage of Jim Cuene’s Web 2.0 presentation at the May 2005 Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association salon. One on one comments with attendees and Jim’s full presentation. Lots of insight into the current local interactive marketing scene vibe. Once again, I slide the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle into conversation. Listen to Web 2.0 in Minneapolis [1 […]

First Crack 31. The Wine Episode with Tim Elliott

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Tim Elliott, from, and I met at Bev’s Wine Bar and talked wine, coffee, and technology. Links mentioned: WordPress Plugins; WP-iCal & WP-CaTT Bev’s Wine Bar (CityPage Review) Haskells, The Wine People Surdyks, Liquor and Gourmet Cheese Shop Coffee Geek Reviews of the Philips Senseo Designing Disney’s Theme Parks : The Architecture of […]

First Crack 02. There Are No Users

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The line between “user” and “developer” is blurring daily. Through participatory media, the people formerly known as “users” are effecting and developing the media they care about. Listen to There Are No Users [3 min]

Mobile Phone Etiquette Tips

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SprintPCS has partnered with etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore to compile an excellent list of 10 mobile phone etiquette tips Number 1… Let your voicemail take your calls when you’re in meetings, courtrooms, restaurants and other busy areas. If you must speak to the caller, excuse yourself and find a secluded area where you can talk […]

On-Board Wi-Fi

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The last place for wireless to penetrate may actually be where the money is – according to this Forbes article: Boeing plans to charge $30 for flights longer than six hours, $19.95 for flights of four to six hours, $14.95 for shorter flights and $9.95 for a 30-minute trial. Continuous access from Munich to LA […]

Shopping Goes High-Tech

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Wal-Mart’s aggressive efforts to implement RFID makes the news frequently, and you’ve probably noticed an increase in the number of stores offering self-checkout (Home Depot, Rainbow Foods, K-mart, among others). A number of other stores are experimenting other technologies poised to changed the shopping experience. The Salisbury Post has an excellent article on Bloom, the […]

Collaborative Technologies at Work – Bottom Up Productivity

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Corporate IT departments consider new collaborative technologies (Wikis, Weblogs, Instant Messaging) as rogue elements to be eliminated. When in fact, they are increase productivity. Ross Mayfield points to this eWeek article describing one organization’s battle with its own people. The most recent problems came to light when a network failure cut off e-mail and Web […]