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TiVo Has Until Feb '09

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“But TiVo has repeatedly failed to gain traction in the marketplace even though it has been hard at work creating innovative ad solutions and coming up with ways to help advertisers and networks recoup ad dollars.” – Meghan Keane I’d flip it around – Tivo has failed to gain traction specifically because it’s been hard […]

Asks: Should We Buy a HD TiVo?

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Our Series2 TiVo is on its last legs. With each passing day, its over-the-air recordings (we’re a no cable household) are more and more unwatchable, while digital over-the-air recordings are getting more stable. But seriously, TV without TiVo is like email without a spam filter. Back in January, I replaced our DVD player w/ a […]

Internet-to-TV: How to Beat TiVo

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“Sling Media’s entertainment division, told B&C that through SlingCatcher, users will be able to…bring online video content to the TV.” [via Fimoculous] The idea of getting any internet-delivered video presented on a television is something I’ve talked about here and here. ELSEWHERE “the SlingCatcher is different from other digital media servers because it just relays […]

When Is Now?

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“‘No, no, don’t answer it!’ I yelled. ‘It’s your parents! They’re calling from the future!’” – Jason Kottke Everytime we catch up to “live” tv with the TiVo, I’m reminded of this exchange from Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs: Dark Helmet: “What the hell am I looking at? When does this happen in the movie?” Colonel Sandurz: […]

TiVo Being Funny

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I’ve mentioned before how desperate our TiVo is to recommend its paltry selection of over the air broadcast to us. The other day, I saw Jen delete a bunch of Hogan’s Heros from TiVo’s recommendations. Uh. I kinda wanted to….oh, forget it. Then tonight, going through the Now Playing, 3 of the Scrubs recordings were […]

Amazing Race Season 10 – Episode 3 & 4

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CBS and TiVo have been fighting the past few Sunday nights – CBS has been throwing off the start time of the Amazing Race by 15 to 30 minutes, and TiVo – hasn’t been able to figure it out. Since we only watch AR via TiVo. We’ve been missing the back half of each AR. […]

Tivo HD vs Apple iTV

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Jen and I talked about Baby Tivo recently. It’s a paltry 40gig, single-tuner. But, sans-cable, it serves us well. Today, Apple announced their iTV, shipping sometime next year. Priced at $300, plays HD video, HDMI ports, wifi, Front Row (or something like it), everything you’d expect (maybe a DVD drive?). Then later today, I received […]

Tivo Time Travel to Late 80's Videoblogs

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Some how, early last month, Tivo found a Saturday Night Live from 1989 and obediently recorded it. Dana Carvey, Dennis Miller (does the map behind him remind you of Rocketboom?), Al Franken’s one-man mobile uplink (early video-blogger?). This is the SNL I caught on satellite TV working late as a farmhand. Low budget effects, talent […]

My TiVo Upgraded to Online Services

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As of tonight, my TiVo can receive Yahoo Weather, Yahoo Traffic, Live365 radio stations, and podcasts. I wasn’t able to successfully load up Minnesota Stories or PodcastMN by hand (text entry by remote not that annoying) right out of the gate. More to come. Update 14 January 2006: First Crack Podcast works on Tivo.