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…And They Asked 4 Followers, And They Asked 4 Followers

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Something I wrote on Twitter a couple weeks ago: “…2 questions: a) What if there was an open source, more effective alternative to Google search? b) What if Twitter is that alternative?” Today, Four Reasons Why Twitter is the Next Google writes: “Not only has Twitter inadvertently taken crowdsourcing to search, it has actually taken […]

What Andrew Baron Should Be Selling: Following

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There’s lots of chatter today about Andrew Baron auctioning off his 1500 Twitter followers. As of this writing, the auction is just over $500. Standard ad-based media play: aggregate eyeballs and sell them off to the highest bidder. Yummmm. Eyeballs. “This stunt may spark some copycatters, but it is essentially meaningless.” – Stowe Boyd I […]

Twitter: 10% Conversational

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I ran my twitterings through TweetClouds today. Check out all the ‘@’ signs – indicating people that I’m directing messages toward, either in a reply or a “I think you’ll dig this.” A full 10% of the tags.

TwitterCooler v0.2 – Make Twitter More Like Office Chatter

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(formerly TweetSpeak, changed as to eliminate confusion with While I’m fond of the Twitter-as-water-cooler metaphor, there was something missing. Namely Twitter is quiet, and offices are filled with loud, distracting chatter. If you’re on a Mac you can now remedy this issue with TwitterCooler downloads your friends tweets and reads them to you […]

Ask Not What Twitter Can Do For You

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After playing around with Twitter for nearly a year, I’ve come to an understanding with it. The less Twitter does, the better. In reviewing Jeremiah Owyang’s Twitter Wish List, I only agree with #2, a white-labeled Twitter for workgroup/company use. If Twitter doesn’t want that market, that’s cool. I know of at least 1 company […]

If We Can't Share Nothing

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Hi. Howareyou? Whatsup? Nothing. Yaknow. PrettyCrappyOutToday TrafficWasHorrible How many times have you had that conversation? Today? Banality in less than 140 characters is the foundation of our social interaction. It safely builds the trust required for a longer, more engaging exchange. If we can’t share the meaningless, what can we share? “Part of the power […]

What's He Building in There?

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Doing some testing today and I felt bad for not posting anything in nearly a week. I’ve been building. Steady. Til midnight or 2am for the past week. And it’s coming together real nicely, so I’m trying to keep up the momentum up through this coming week. Until I get back to a more frequent […]

Twitter Ends Friendship

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In a move that should rock the ‘social network space’, Twitter just removed the vague, confusing, juvenile label of ‘friend‘, replacing it with the more descriptive ‘following‘ 1. Aside from the label being more accurate 2 it creates a nice symmetry with ‘followers‘. You and I could say ‘friend‘ is the overlap between the two, […]

Twittergrams: Guarding the Rhino

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(photo CNN) In Swahili the tick bird is named ‘askari wa kifaru,’ meaning ‘the rhino’s guard.’ The bird eats ticks it finds on the rhino and noisily warns of danger. Although the birds also eat blood from sores on the rhino’s skin and thus obstruct healing, they are still tolerated. Take a look at what […]

I'm hesitant to build too much on top of…

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I’m hesitant to build too much on top of Twitter. Not just because of their historic instability, but because they’re a single silo – and each day brings a yet another silo. With, I’m relying on Twitter for registration. With the Twittergram work I’m doing, it’s that and a little bit more. Unlike Facebook, […]

TwitterGram – Front-end Napkin Sketch

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Like, I see Twittergram front-ends existing on-top-of, but for all intents and purposes independent from proper – using Twitter’s infrastructure for authentication, messaging, but otherwise very distinctive from Twitter as it has stabilized. The above sketch is heavily inspired by Twitterific, which is an OK fit. Something is still missing from it though. […]

Dave just did something I've been thinki…

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Dave just did something I’ve been thinking on and off about for a while now: Twitter meets podcasting. Behold – the promise of podcasting as voicemail….of _actually_ having a conversation via the ‘space phone’. I think I’ll dust off the FastCast idea after dinner tonight. So the FastCast workflow tweaked for Twittering: Record via Audio […]

Short Message Silo

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Jaiku’s growth strategy is getting Twitter’s overflow. But only if you look at it from a winner-take-all, one-silo-for-everyone, perspective. Look at email. I like Apple’s Lots of other people like Gmail. I still know people that swear by Eudora. Despite the different applications, we all still get the messages from each other. The short […]

Friday, April 13, 2007 2:07:46 PM

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Twitter Tools sends a tweet every time I update a post. I really dig that since I’ve been updating (rather than writing new) lately. I find it especially useful for posts that have fallen off the RSS feed.

Follow My iTunes via Twitter

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Thanks to Doug Adams’ script, Current Track to Twitter v1.5, if you follow me via Twitter you’ll get continual updates on what I’m listening to. I’m digging Twitter as way to automatically publish in the background. I can keep my flow and we can stay connected. I see this quality that’ll keep Twitter from being […]

Note to Self: Stop Using Eric Rice's Brain

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Listening to the Joyeur podcast on Twitter, I made a note to look into fictional Twitter accounts. Then I see this post by Eric Rice: “By setting up a character-driven, fictional Twitter account, not only can I do a sultry little dance on the fine line of ARGs (alternate reality gaming), but that 140 character […]