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Sebastian Brink from interviewed me about I took the opportunity to spell out some of the principles guiding Kernest’s ongoing development. I’m taking the liberty of re-posting this here for archival purposes. What is Ker­nest? What do you do? Ker­nest is an font direc­tory and web font ser­ving engine. The web font ser­ving […]

Initial Thoughts on Google Offering Droid for @font-face Use

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My initial thoughts on Google offering a hosted version of Droid: This is more an extension of their mobile play than getting into the font hosting. Here’s why: The Android handsets only display the Droid family of fonts. Google’s stated a number of times they’re serious about being successful in mobile. Google is a web […]

Kernest’s Web Font Serving Engine – Fontue – Now Open Source

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I’ve talked to a number of people and organizations that want to start adding web fonts to their websites – but aren’t comfortable relying on a third-party service for something so integral to their online presence. With that in mind, I’m pleased to announced that Kernest‘s underlying web font serving engine – dubbed Fontue – […]

How to Make Safari Render Pre-GZipped Web Fonts

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After too many sleepless nights, I’ve finally got Safari to render pre-gzipped fonts. All the fonts in Kernest are pre-compressed on the server (in addition to saving a little bandwidth, it also saves a little disk space and a couple hairs of server performance). I started with this post by Darren Rush on how to […]

Web Fonts – Identifying a New Species

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“…the design of typefaces had existed for centuries as an exclusive discipline reserved for specialists, who had access to proprietary tools. Today the personal computer provides the opportunity to create custom type designs with an increased potential for personalization and expression…Our design of custom fonts for Emigre magazine grew out of our need for unique […]

Web Font Technology Mind Map

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If you’d like a quick overview of the web font technology space – here’s a mind map I used a the point of conversation for my ‘Ban Helvetica – Or Why Ignoring Web Safe Fonts Makes Your Website Better‘ session at the MinneBar this past weekend (photo credit: Robyn Flach)

5 Minute Interview with Garrick @ MIMA Summit

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In 5 brief minutes, I discuss my web font deliver service, Kernest and my hopes and dreams for Minnesota’s tech startup community. More interviews from all the Minnesota entrepreneurs that presented at the MIMA Summit over at MN Tech

Kernest as an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

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“We Make Shitty Software… With Bugs!…We know our software sucks. But it’s shipping! Next time we’ll do better, but even then it will be shitty. The only software that’s perfect is one you’re dreaming about. ” – Dave Winer Kernest, my web fonts service, has been publicly available for just under a month. In that […] is Public

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Wow. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks. is public and is getting some nice uptake. Thank you all. I had fantastic weekend in Atlanta at TypeCon2009 talking with font technologists, type designers, and other people building the web fonts marketplace. Unfortunately, Cullect is down. Down for the count. I’m planning a massive rebuild […]