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What My High School Art Teacher Taught Me About Business

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Unlike every other class in high school, I remember art class being completely self-directed. Yes, in English I could choose which book I wrote a 3-page report on and in History I could choose whether or not I paid attention at all, but it was art where I felt I could wholly and completely pursue […]

No Client Work Before Lunch

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Patrick and I have been meeting for a Monday morning coffee for years now. It’s an excellent way to start the week. As good as it is, it still fell by the wayside when my new daughter was born. Once we reconvened, he asked me what I found valuable about our conversations. Without thinking I […]

Why Are You

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I’m writing this from the wonderful, artful park a couple miles north of my house. It’s close enough that I could – and really should – spend a little bit of everyday here. Yet, this is the first time in more than a year I headed up here alone to work. In college I knew […]

Things I Assumed I Needed to Start a Consulting Business

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Days into starting my own business, I sat down at my newly acquired desk and wrote down a list of things. Things I assumed I needed to purchase immediately to be in business. While I lost the list at some point in the past decade, I remember three things about it; it totaled more than […]

What The Princess Bride Can Teach Independent Consultants

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I’ve frequently joked that I take much of my approach to working as an independent consultant from The Princess Bride. Knowing all jokes are half true, Patrick Rhone asked me for the punch line. Here are six: “Let’s look on the bright side: we’re having an adventure, Fezzik, and most people live and die without […]

3 Principles of Success for Independent Professionals

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Garrick, Hi! I’ve heard about you for a few years now (originally from Richard Fink), and have enjoyed reading your blog posts. As a web designer who’s striking out on his own to learn programming and build his own business, do you have any advice? Cheers! – Josh For the past decade, I’ve been working […]

By Contrast

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“Life lasts a long time. You can disappear or be useless for weeks. If you are coming off several years of hard work, you can disappear and be useless for months… and the only impact that it will have on your success is that it will make you more successful.” – Bryan Goldberg

Success: Actual Size

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For the past 8 years, I’ve run my own company. A digital product consulting company. Across those 8 years, I’ve launched 3 products of my own that I’m very proud of – while doing interesting client work, that I’m also very proud of. I’ve also become a father of 3. As I write this, my […]

The Runway Extends Beyond the Horizon

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Once or twice a semester, I’m invited to speak to a group of students at one of the many universities in this area. Sometimes I’m asked to talk about a project like Kernest, sometimes I’m asked about web design / information architecture / etc. Tonight, I was asked to talk about my business – not […]

Pro Chair-sitter and Whiteboard Drawer

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PREFACE: This post was sitting in my drafts since July, and it seemed to go nicely with the co-working post, so I hit publish. After we returned from a refreshing holiday weekend1 at the in-laws, Cooper asked why we came home. “Grandma, Grandpa, and Papa all have to go to work on Monday.” “Where is […]

Twin Cities Co-Working Conversation Re-Ignited

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UPDATE 27 May 2009 New url for this effort: Earlier this week, I had a fairly thorough conversation with a St. Paul-based serial entrepreneur exploring starting a co-working business. I’ve been writing about the “co-working” / “work club” concept off and on for a while now (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Bonus) and […]

What Have You Deployed Today?

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Some of you have been around web design long enough to remember the 4Ds (Discover, Plan, Design/Develop, and Deploy) that were so popular in agency marketing materials in the late 90s. At the time, I once asked my CEO about them (he wrote the marketing copy) “Well, we don’t do them on all the projects. […]

Garrick Last Minute Addition to IDSAmn's 'Design Your Career' Event

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This Thursday night, Dec 4th, I’ll be giving a brief talk on using online communities & publications – weblogs, Twitter, etc – to position yourself professionally. Word is, I’ll be on after the panel and before the beer. Wait, that can’t be right. More info here: IDSAmn’s Design Your Career IDSAmn + PDMA Co-Panel Event […]

Two Rooms – Both Closed

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Reviewing some year old files, I saw a note on the “third place”, Their idea was to combine a temporary office space and childcare. Great concept. Alas, like Gate3 before them, TwoRooms is no longer. Either there’s demand for a temporary office space thing and maintenance is really hard or there’s no demand. I’m […]

The Future of Hiring

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“I want to see evidence of video and audio skills. I want to see evidence of familiarity with CSS, RSS, HTML and every other acronym of new media. I want people who live online, consume content on mobile devices, use social-bookmarking tools and participate in Web communities. I want people who don’t think they need […]

Blurring Identity to Clear It Up

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“What if there was an agreed upon microformat…that would telegraph to others our capabilities, experience, strengths, knowledge and, especially, our availability to be hired?” – Steve Borsch Must be something in the warm Janurary in MN air. A lunch earlier this week – unfortunately without Steve (need to remedy that) – was all about the […]

Separating Work Place

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“Work is no longer a place where you go, but something you do” – Business Week The whole article is good. I continually struggle with the notion of an office outside of the house. It alway feels like so much overhead, separation, and duplication (internet, plumbing, etc). I’m wishing Best Buy the best in this […]

Two Thoughts on Cooperation

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The first two posts I read in the news reader this morning were on cooperation. Both with the same “conflict is generally unnecessary” point. I thought you’d enjoy. “…cooperation is the norm, it’s conflict that needs to be explained.” – Alex Tabarrok at Marginal Revolution “…everyone in the organization that wants customers on a regular […]

An Emotion Connection Tells Us What Matters

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In Newsweek’s cover story “Reading Your Baby’s Mind” on baby’s brain development, new research is profiled into the “babies learn foreign languages easily” phenomenon. The research states, a baby can easily learn a second language easily only if the secondary language is spoken by someone the baby has an emotional connection with. “…without the emotional […]

Business Casual Saves Energy

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In an effort to dramatically reduce the heat pollution caused by Tokyo’s air conditioners, Japanese businessmen will be dressing business casual this summer. No jackets and ties after June 1. Read the full story at the New York Times: Is a Salaryman Without a Suit Like Sushi Without the Rice?

Consumer Software is the New Enterprise Software

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Recently, a colleague asked for a recommendation on an enterprise asset management system. Frankly, I’ve only had bad experiences with enterprise level software. My major complaints have been; Too hard to use Too expensive Doesn’t map to existing business culture and processes I ask what this system will be used for; sharing digital photos remotely. […]

Greater Productivity By Turning Things Off

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A couple weeks ago, I was having a tough time focusing. The culprit turned out to be a little red dot in my NetNewWire dock icon – the unread post count. I’ve unchecked that count in the preferences and my ability to focus has increased (Manton Reece did the same). First, biologically, our peripheral vision […]

An Unexpected Yak Shaving

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One of the bathtub faucets has leaked for a couple weeks. Monday, I could no longer ignore it. That same day, Seth Godin introduced me to Yak Shaving. yak shaving: Any seemingly pointless activity which is actually necessary to solve a problem which solves a problem which, several levels of recursion later, solves the real […]

Overtime Hurts the Everyone

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Late last week, a client and I were discussing a struggling project. The client mentioned his project team regularly works nights and weekends to meet the deadlines he had scheduled. I was stunned. This was months into a years longs project. There are 3 things fatally wrong with this management strategy: It devalues both the […]

The Creative Grotto Vibe

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This morning Jen brought up the Temporary Office Space idea again. It’s something she’s brought up before. As a highly-mobile professional, the idea is very compelling. To have comfortable, secure place to send faxes grab a decent cup of coffee, and recharge off a good vibe for an hour or two, I think you can […]

Gate 3 Work Club Closes

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Five months ago, I was excited to see the opening of the Gate 3 Work Club in Emeryville, CA. I completely believe in the principles; people like to work from home – just not all the time people like to work around others I was skeptical that Herman Miller furnishings were necessary, and thought IKEA […]