HijackingWP – AudioHijackPro to WordPress AppleScript

HijackingWP is an Applescript to automatically upload recordings from AudioHijackPro using Transmit and generate a WordPress post (with enclosure).

Download HijackingWP 05-10-2006

HijackingWP is released under the Creative Commons Attribution, ShareAlike license.

– a WordPress installation (or a blog that understands the MetaWeblog API)
Rogue Amoeba’s Audio Hijack Pro
Panic Softwares’ Transmit FTP client – and a server set as a ‘favorite’

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Things To Do
– Add cover art to mp3
– Explore using OS X’s built in SFTP command for uploading
– Reduced the number of required information bits
– Support other file extensions/mime-types better
– Support categorization

Version History
05 October 2006
Hello World.

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