Lunch for Brains

Are you an independent or freelancer struggling to find the your success?

Sometimes all we need is a regular conversation with someone that’s been there. Someone that can help us get unstuck, talk through the hard decisions – and know they’re hard. Someone that knows, that when you work for yourself the lines between personal life and professional life are inherently blurred.

“Monthly lunches with Garrick have helped me to make great strides in prioritizing my business and life goals. Garrick is, basically, helping me to bring my life goals into sync with my business goals.” – Toby Cryns, Owner, The Mighty Mo

“[Thank you] for Kubb, coaching, calm, and reminder to focus on what matters most” – Lars Leafblad, Owner, BallingerLeafblad

For the past few years, I’ve been providing the same executive-level strategic coaching I provide my corporate clients to independent professionals, consultants, and freelancers for a fraction of the price: a face-to-face lunch in downtown Minneapolis.

Yes, this is a ridiculously good deal.

That’s why there are only 3 openings (all on Thursdays) – beginning in January 2016.

Want in? Contact me –

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