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“Do you have 5 min to review this proposal? I’m presenting it to my client later this morning.”

The text came out of the blue (or maybe the red. I was standing in the men’s section of Target when it arrived.)

It was Tom (name changed).

He was working on a proposal to grow one of his client engagements. Aside from one part-time employee, Tom is his company. There’s no one in his company that can be a sounding board for his most important work – like this proposal.

As part of our weekly coaching engagement, Tom knew that he could reach out to me any time about his most important work. He knew that my phone was his bat phone.
I scanned through the proposal and a number of opportunities for improvement jumped out at me immediately;
– ways to increase the specificity and clarity around the value proposed,
– ways to provide value through the entire life of a project – not just up to a single milestone,
– ways to structure fees to be more win-win.

After replying that I had some suggestions, Tom called me to talk through the changes. I heard his keyboard clicking as he revised the proposal in real-time.

Thirty minutes later the following text arrived:

“Just spoke w/ the client. The new points really resonated with them. Even at 2X the fee. Thanks for your help!”


One of the largest struggles I see across all organizations – it doesn’t matter if they’re 1-person companies, companies between 10-30, or established organization – is leadership having access to a trusted, confidential, second pair of eyes to review their most important work at the moment they most need it.

A pair of eyes;
– out of your office,
– out of your head,
– and focused on supporting your success.

It’s lonely at the top. It’s easy to get caught up in your own assumptions and expectations rather than leading boldly.

– overcoming your time management challenges,
– ensuring your proposals are the best as it can be,
– selecting the best vendor for a high-profile project,
– comparing the strengths of potential new hires,
– identifying ways to move faster and more effectively,
– determining which of your next million dollar product ideas is most likely to actually fulfill that promise.

That’s how I’ve helped all my best clients for years. That’s how I help Tom (again, not his real name). It’s also how I can help you (you can even declare your own pseudonym!). 

How much more confidence will you be in your yourself… when you know there’s someone you can reach out to when you’re stuck…when you’ve exhausted your ideas…and you know your work needs to be the best it can be.

My clients have called me Cassandra. My clients have called me their secret weapon. The point is, when they needed confidential and actionable feedback they called.

That’s what my Bat Phone service is about – support and confidence on call. It starts at $192/week for 13 weeks and can also be combined with a regularly scheduled call (just like Tom has) or an in-person meeting.

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