Talks I’d Like to Give

Inspired by Sam Buchanan’s post of the same name the following is a running list of talks I’d like to give.

  • RSS and the End of Website Design
  • Making a Website in a Weekend
  • Customer Research for Graphic Designers

Talks I’ve Given:

  • “Applying Research to Your Interactive Strategy”
  • “You Are Here: Messaging on the Move”
  • “Weblogs, Wikis, Podcasts and other Social Software for Small Business”

One Reply to “Talks I’d Like to Give”

  1. Love the “RSS and the End of Website Design” topic. Content has been totally severed from aesthetic and is now collected (or cullected!) based on influence and insight. If you ever come through DSM, let me know, I’ll round up a large group of listeners/participants.

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