Twitter Projects – The Most Shareable Feed Reader is the only feed reader especially designed for Twitter with:

  • Twitter-based authentication.
  • auto-expanding shortened urls (tinyurl, etc).
  • auto-embedding of Flickr images and YouTube (among others) video from shortened link.
  • a built-in url shortener (
  • post-to-Twitter, supporting multiple Twitter accounts.

TwittergramHijacking Applescript – Send Twittergrams via Audio Hijack Pro

TwittergramHijacking is an Applescript that automatically uploads recordings from AudioHijackPro to Dave Winer‘s Twittergram service.


While I’m fond of the Twitter-as-water-cooler metaphor, there was something missing.
Namely Twitter is quiet, and offices are filled with loud, distracting chatter. TwitterCooler remedies this issue.

Ququoo turns Twitter into a timesheet…..or a cumulative blogging engine, or a time-based note-taking system. UPDATE: Ququoo is down until further notice.

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