WordPress Projects

HijackingWP – AudioHijackPro to WordPress AppleScript

HijackingWP is an Applescript that automatically uploads recordings from AudioHijackPro using Transmit and generate a WordPress post (with enclosure).

QSPress – Quicksilver to WordPress

QSPress makes it easy to post to your WordPress weblog from Quicksilver. Making very short, spur-of-the-moment posts easy to publish.

WordPress-driven Sites I’ve Worked on

  • Joe-Urban.com: Sam Newberg’s blog on urban living and urban planning.
  • Dashe & Thomson: Minneapolis-based change management trainers and consultants.
  • MNteractive: The blog for Minnesota’s interaction design community (developers, information architects, and usability professionals).

WordPress Plugins

I’ve written an number of WordPress plugins over the years. While I only use WP-iCal and WP-GotLucky these days, all the others are still available for your enjoyment.

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