Apple iPhone: The Mobile Widget Web Calls

1. It’s not extensible by third parties, only Apple. The means at the moment no RSS readers, no Slingplayers. – Michael Gartenberg

Seems to directly conflict Apple’s own messaging…especially the notion that OS X / Safari widgets can be used on the phone. RSS or otherwise.

“That it’s a cell-phone, so what?” – Rex Hammock

Yep. Which comes first:

  1. iChat calls standard phone numbers and becomes iPhone’s killer app
  2. Skype is “ported” and becomes the iPhone’s killer app

PeterMe asks the same question:

“why use Cingular if you can just Skype?”

“It isn’t OS X proper, as you’d expect. And like an iPod, it won’t be an open system that people can develop for.” – Brian Lam, Gizmodo

Oh – so the iPhone actually won’t be able to compete with Palm’s Treo. That’s unfortunate. But, restricting it’s functionality, it is a really good way to reduce demand of a highly coveted device. Until…like replacing the hard drives in our old Macs, and the batteries in our iPods, the developer community finds a way in…..official or otherwise. Steve-O knows the value of exclusivity and crashing the party is still getting in.