Distraction Elimination Week: Day 1: Audio

Each day this week, I’m minimizing some distraction on my MacBook Pro. Today, it’s the unnecessary and often redundant audio noises.

In the OS X Finder, go to System Preferences > Sound and make sure all three checkboxes are unchecked.

In Mail.app, go to Preferences > General and select "None" in the New mail sound: pulldown menu and uncheck “Play sounds for other mail actions" 1

In SpamSieve, go to Preferences > Notifications and uncheck "Play sound".

In Adium, go to Preferences > Alerts and select "None" in "Sound set". Name this set "Quiet" at the prompt and click OK.

In Transmit, go to Preferences > Transfers and select "None" in "Transfer complete sound".

1. You may also notice that I’ve also changed my "Check for new mail" frequency to "Manually", that’s to minimized Mail.app’s visual indicators – we’ll talk about that later this week.

Arik Jones’ is also fighting distraction.