For that Impulse Nap (and so much more)

Now at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo International Airport.

First off – sleep pods were part of the dystopian future I was promised so I’m super excited they’re a reality.

Airports are a great first deployment for these – lots of people with hours of unexpected time on their hands – but the potential deployments are fascinating.

  • Create a cluster of them on corporate campus (Google, Apple, YCombinator) for summer interns
  • Install one next to each rental storage space for instant apartment complex
  • Put a bedroom in your spare closet
  • Slightly more upscale accommodations at summer festivals, state fairs, etc
  • Start a drop-in-sleep franchise like SnapFitness/Curves/etc for out of town travelers
  • Create a cluster of them on a Google or Apple campus for summer interns
  • Have the smallest cabin on the lake
  • Combine with shipping containers (and a little plumbing) for an instant house