Mom’s Courtesy Smile

The last few weeks have been a roller coaster of family emotions and get-togethers – from the passing of Grandma Hannah to Cooper’s first birthday. Add to that, all the family photos and stories and trees (back to 1751) my dad sent down. So, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about yesterday, and those places and times that don’t exist anymore.

Then, while doing tech support with my dad via Skype this morning, I caught this in my feedreader:

“She doesn’t know about blogs, bittorrent, streaming video, social media, or any of the stuff of which I write, nor does she care. She smiles when I tell her what I do, but the smile is more a courtesy than anything else, and that’s okay.” – Terry Heaton

Choked me up.

Yes, this is the explanation behind both the Unincorporated and Wrong Side of the Family mini-series over at the First Crack Podcast.