Notes from the MPR Ethics in Online Journalism

I’m at the MPR, MNSPJ event on ethics in online journalism1 with the esteemed Dan Gillmor.

Greg and Erica are live-blogging.

“Most are not…and a few are.” – Dan Gillmor

“It’s not about ‘or’, it’s about ‘and.” – Dan Gillmor

Again, it’s hard for newspapers to correct themselves. Apologies aren’t news.

Who do you trust? As I mentioned in an earlier post, I trust those more that publish less.

Can transparency replace ‘fairness and accuracy’?

Are all the people that publish everyday in traditional media practicing ‘traditional journalism’?

I’m paraphrasing Gillmor here: “It doesn’t necessarily mean anything if something is published.”

Kudos to Erica and Greg for fantastic coverage. Also thanks to everyone on Twitter for proving (once again) the interesting things are in the audience.

1. Can’t find a link to the event detail right now.