Pinger + Podcast = Common Sense Mobile Podcasting

A while back, I had this idea for mobile podcasting, along the lines of my ‘podcasting as mass voicemail’ mantra. Even picked up a domain name.

Thing is, I don’t know enough about how the mobile phone industry works to make it a go. No problem, looks like is on it.

If I, as a Pinger account holder could request an RSS feed to be pointed at my mobile phone number – Bingo, common sense mobile podcast receiving.

Yeah, rather than having my home pc download mp3 files, I could receive the podcast as a voicemail. Sure, this puts a time limit on the podcast – not a bad thing.

BTW – Pinger is funded by, Kliner Perkins, the same people funding PodShow, Tellme, Audible, Friendster, and Segway. So, hopefully, they’ll see this “synergy” as well.