Transplants Not Unlike GWAR

Take Blink 182’s drummer, Rancid’s lead, a roadie, a weekend of b-grade end-of-the-world horror flicks, and mix with a case of cheap beer – like Grain Belt non-Premium.

I know, I know, that’s almost the same recipe for GWAR. But this time, you end up with Transplants’ Haunted Cities. I picked it up a while back based on a quick listen to Apocalypse Now in iTunes.

All the songs rock – hard, in a “Where’s the mosh pit?” kinda way (yes, also similar to GWAR). The difference between GWAR and the Transplants is the difference between Rocky Horror Picture Show and Frailty. GWAR and Rocky Horror is fun, Transplants and Frailty still creeps you out days later.

Oh, Cadillac Tramps’ Tombstone Radio also provides the same driving beats, with a bit more sunshine.