16 years later – revisiting my very first Amazon purchase

Over lunch today, I dusted off my very first Amazon.com purchase:
Television at a Crossroads by Stefan Marzano et. al.

Television at a Crossroads, published in 1993 (nearly 20 years ago), is a huge enveloping book documenting Philips Design’s exploration of what television will be like in the future.

From television as “tele-lesson” delivery, as ambient information device (like a lamp or clock), as social entertainment device. Much of the exploration depict things we take for granted in 2012 – not from the television – but our banal internet experience.

While the specifics are as quaint and naïve as flying cars the underlying thinking holds up quite nicely. Oh sure – we’re not playing chess through our televisions – but we are playing games with players on the other side of some screen somewhere. Our guitar lessons may not be delivered over a device called a TV – but it’s still the ‘tube.

Marzano and team correctly predicted our lives would be increasingly filled with digital video displays large, small, and everywhere in-between.

Paging through TaaC, I’m reminded of two things:

  1. we can only describe the future with our current vocabulary and our vocabulary is continually evolving.
  2. despite their ultimate manifestation, the projected solutions and scenarios are realized.