Ongoing List of Underused German Words

Verschlimmbesserung: An improvement that makes something worse.

Doch: An expression for indicating an outcome occurred that was counter to the supplied evidence. Loosely translates to, “although I thought otherwise.” Even more delightfully – it can be and is used sarcastically.

My Ideal Day

5:00a: Awake, brush, floss, situps, pushups
5:15a: 5-mile run
6:00a: 20-minute meditation
6:20a: Start coffee, shower, shave, dress well
6:30a: High-protein breakfast
6:45a: Morning ideation
7:00a: Breakfast with the kids
8:30a: Write for 30 minutes
9:00a: Do the most important work of the day
1:00p: Lunch meeting w/ a coaching client @ a new restaurant or brewery
2:00p: Process new messages (email, post, voicemail)
2:30p: Choice time; kubb, nap, art museum, more writing, cooking, brewing, make art
4:30p: Daily review
5:00p: Make and have dinner as a family
6:30p: Walk with the family around the neighborhood, put kids to bed.
8:00p: Time together with Jen
9:30p: Journal writing & preview of tomorrow
10:00p: Bed


mother has a hard time texting
i can see it
in her knuckles
she wants
someone else to handle these things

Data Baggage

“Don’t collect data. If you know everything about yourself, you know everything. There is no use burdening yourself with a lot of data. Once you understand yourself, you understand human nature and then the rest follows.” – Kurt Gödel, A Logical Journey, MIT Press, 1996

reminds me of the Greek gnōthi seauton.