About Garrick Van Buren

For more than a two decades, Garrick van Buren has helped B2B founders and product owners better align their products to their customers’ needs. He’s worked with bootstrapped startups, VC-funded startups, multi- national corporate venture studios, and household brands shifting to a digital-first product model. He’s bootstrapped multiple startups, shuttered them, and helped others shutter many more.

His expertise spans customer research, product design, business strategy, and founder work-life balance across food, agriculture, publishing, and professional services. His superpower is listening for the most significant next action while sliding seamlessly between high-level strategy and the smallest product detail.

Garrick actively mentors startups in TechStars and ILT Academy. He authored ‘Rebuilding Blocks: How the Game of Kubb Put My Life Back Together’ and his work has been featured in eight books on marketing and digital product design, most recently Million Dollar Weekend by Noah Kagan. Garrick lives in suburban Minneapolis, MN with his wife and four children.

“Garrick cuts through buzzwords and wishful thinking to really understand what a product needs.” – Corporate AI/ML Director

“I always come out of our conversations with a sharpened focus on what issue I really should be spending my time on and ideas that need further research.” – Startup Founder

“He has improved how I approach time management, rapid product experimentation, prioritization, and communication. I highly recommend him to anyone working to launch a digital business.” – Corporate Product Owner

“Garrick is deeply interested in not only where we’re at with our business but also us – as individuals.” – Founder in TechStars Farm to Fork.

“Garrick has been instrumental in helping us with a range of functions – sales, product, and storytelling to name just a few.” – Founder in TechStars Farm to Fork

Ways to contact Garrick: