What I’m Focused on Now

Where am I most obsessively focused for the foresee-able future?

  • Writing the For Starters Substack.
  • Helping B2B companies better understand what their customers actually want (more at throughconsulting.com)
  • Advising startups in TechStars, ILT Academy, and Beta.MN cohorts.
  • Developing a house; Saison, Belgian Golden Strong, British Golden Ale, and Milk Stout
  • Researching my Thompson, Cornell, Smith, and Wilson lines.

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Last updated: 28 Apr 2024

Hat tip to Derek Sivers for this idea

Focus Year-by-Year

2024 – DÉJÀ BRÜ part 2,

2023 – DÉJÀ BRÜ – The Homebrew Competition Remembering Historic and Long-Forgotten Beer Styles, Luxembourg citizenship for the family, visit Buren NL.

2022 – Establishing lines to Simon Girty UEL, John Charles Monger UEL, Philip Fox UEL, William Monger SAR, Holland Society & Dutch Settlers Society of Albany membership.

2021 – Established lines to John Singletary SAR.

2020 – (Re)-Establishing lines to Frederick Cramer SAR, Martin van Buren SAR, Thomas Stilwell SAR, Thomas Thompkins SAR. Wild yeast capture success!

2016 – Completing the Artist’s Way

2015 – Achieved BJCP National + Mead & Certified Cicerone

2014 – Writing and publishing ‘Rebuilding Blocks