This I Believe

My answer to the question, “What do you believe to be true that others would find highly controversial?”

  • Open borders & free trade has fewer unintended negative outcomes than policies restricting either.
  • Quality healthcare is a national security issue as such should have a unified national strategic solution.
  • The vast majority of Americans are descendants of people who immigrated to the US illegally or otherwise without the paperwork & abilities expected today.
  • Since the downside risk potential of any action is >0, the question is whether it provides more positive, intended outcomes than not.
  • Having more children has always been and is still better than fewer or none.
  • To have any meaningful, sustained impact, environmental change needs to be driven by multi-national corporations. Pollution doesn’t know political or national borders.
  • Residential recycling efforts are more about religion than re-using materials
  • Paper is cheap, plentiful, easy to create, easy to use and re-use for an infinite number of things. ‘Wasting trees’ is shaming, anti-creativity statement.