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In addition to day-to-day management, most Vice Presidents are charged with growth and innovation. Growth and innovation in their teams, their products, and the larger organization. Internal teams rarely have capacity to clarify their leader’s hunch and prove out business value within months, let alone weeks. Nor do they have the VPs high-level business expertise. On the other side, executive leadership usually provides little direction or input, simply trusting in the VPs ability to be successful. This means many VPs are working through their hardest challenges alone, without a trusted, disinterested outside party challenging them.

I partner with VPs, Directors, and other executive leadership in organizations large and small. Together we’ve developed annual business strategies, re-organized their team, mined leading success metrics, researched M&A targets, refined technical architectures, debated future business scenarios, and built new products from scratch – all while ensuring the internal team is focused their highest priorities and the executive leadership continues to be happy.

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“Garrick is a deep thinker, a creative strategist, and a great listener. I’ve had the benefit of knowing him for a decade and always look to include him in my projects. Every meeting he delivers actionable insights and suggestions. For any of my friends looking for a sounding board that replies with valuable reactions EVERYTIME, Garrick is a resource you should call upon.” – Andrew Schroepfer, Chief Strategy Officer, Investment Banker

“Monthly lunches with Garrick have helped me to make great strides in prioritizing my business and life goals. With Garrick’s help, I feel like I am making steady progress towards doing the work of my dreams, which, surprisingly for me, hasn’t been about work at all, but, rather about family and personal dreams. Garrick is, basically, helping me to bring my life goals into sync with my business goals.” – Toby Cryns, Owner, The Mighty Mo

“Garrick’s insights and influence run throughout all of my work. He has the unique ability to take my ideas and force me to expand and explore them in ways I can’t otherwise see.” – Patrick Rhone, Author

“Garrick’s expertise has been invaluable to our firm. He provides strategic suggestions and solutions that simply work. What makes Garrick unique is his ability to work at the highest level of project conception, as well as handle the smallest details required for delivery.” – Wednesday Reynolds-Wilcox at Hey Now Interactive

“Garrick is a pleasure to work with, highly responsive and nails deadlines. He has good ideas and is a terrific sounding board both for strategic issues as well as more practical functionality and user interface things. I recommend him highly.” – Ben Tregoe, SVP Business Development at Nanigans