3.75 Reasons Jonathan Coulton Is More Interesting than Radiohead

In Jonathan Coulton’s Portal post, I find 6 things very interesting. He:

  1. was commissioned (I’m assuming) to write a song for a video game ($$$)
  2. likes the video game (is this an ad or a recommendation to his fans?)
  3. includes the lyrics in the post
  4. includes the chords in the post
  5. thanks the video game dev team
  6. recommends another game with a great theme song that

3.75 of them are for JC’s fans. He didn’t need to include any of them. Others haven’t and wouldn’t. This to me makes Coulton a far more interesting and fan-oriented musician than Radiohead simply removing the middleman.

Tonight, my iPod randomly pulled an almost-exactly-one-year-old Coulton/Hodgeman/Sound of Young America interview from my Unlistened Podast playlist. Quite good. Hodgeman even discusses Minnesota State Fair food.

2 thoughts on “3.75 Reasons Jonathan Coulton Is More Interesting than Radiohead

  1. Garrick, this is so weird because I discovered Coulton today via @AJ_baldguyshow (the Code Monkey video) then dropped by his site and dug down to see who the hell he is. Then this post from you. Stars aligned, I guess.

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