Anyone Know How to Read the Treo PhoneCallDB.pdb?

Before I got the Treo, I had a SonyEricsson that worked real nicely with BluePhoneElite and my PowerBook.

Sure, Caller ID and answering the phone from the laptop was nice, but what I really miss is the integration w/ iCal.

Since the Treo keeps a record of the phone calls and their duration and backs it up to my PowerBook on sync, it seems I could read the PhoneCallDB file and send the data to iCal using AppleScript.

Flixton Software’s Treo Call Log can read the file, but I can’t do anything with the data. So it doesn’t really help.

Anyone know where I can find some documentation on how to read PhoneCallDB.pdb so I can use the data?


4 thoughts on “Anyone Know How to Read the Treo PhoneCallDB.pdb?

  1. Once you are reading the data in flixton software’s treo dall log, select the information you are interested in looking at then export it. Once exported you can open the txt file with excel and do almost anything you want with the data.

  2. Here’s a little perl script that extracts most of the information. I’m half way through converting it to a module, which will also tell you whether a call was incoming/outgoing/missed.

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