Big Thanks to the City of Big Shoulders

We’re heading back north in the morning after a few days in Chicago. Huge thanks to the Dihiansan’s for a very enjoyable backyard dinner earlier in the week and the Smith‘s this evening. On both counts it’s great to see kids older than Cooper, where they’re at as people and how Cooper interacts with them. Not to mention a good adult conversation. Thank you both for sharing your lives with us – if only for an evening.

We spent this afternoon at Millennium Park – and I have to say, the bean, er – Cloud Gate is far cooler up close than the pictures depict. The sculpture needs dozens of people underneath it all searching for their reflections. By contrast, I wasn’t as impressed with the Spitting fountains. No, it didn’t spit while we were watching it. Sure, the fountains were nice as a public bathing pool and they did alleviate some of the inherent urban oppressiveness. But.

We walked up and down Michigan Avenue – always a good walk. Especially when you have no particular destination. Through it all – Cooper had a fantastic time. Laughing, giggling, making new friends, watching the storefronts and cars go by. He’s definitely more city mouse than country mouse.

Things we missed about Chicagoland that came right back; Joy Yee’s bubble teas, Giordano’s stuffed pizza, Lake Michigan.

Things we didn’t miss about Chicagoland that came right back; traffic, and the hour it takes to get anywhere.

Extra special thanks to Jen’s uncle for hosting us and a congrats out to Capital K for his engagement. Looks like we’ll be back next year ’bout this time.