6 thoughts on “Paging Mr. Mustard

  1. Mister Mustard has been my favorite for many years
    and now i understand that
    it is being discontinued.
    I have been able to find it
    in a couple local stores but
    they say that when it’s gone there will be no more.

  2. i have just discovered the same terrifying truth. I have spent my weekend hoarding the local supply of the stuff. It is BY FAR the finest mustard I have ever tasted. Does anyone know why it will no longer be made?

  3. It’s a sad time on planet Earth when the best mustard in the world has run out. There is No Mr. Mustard on Amazon any more. Does anyone know who made it? Bye Bye Mr. Mustard.

  4. shopping.yahoo.com lists the singular best mustard in all the world (Mr. Mustard) as an item they sell. Whether it still is made or not, I don’t know. Yahoo sells it by the case (12 to a case) for $28 and some change. Good luck!

  5. I agree that Mister Mustard Original Hot Mustard is THE BEST! I have been a devotee for MANY years (like 30), and have gone to great lengths to find it since moving out west. I have seen the product line change hands a few times, and its distribution shrink to next to nothing.

    Last year I used my best detective skills to track down any source online after Amazon discontinued it and Gristedes Market closed their online store. I did find it by the case, but I figured it would take me about 4 or 5 years to consume that much).

    It is an interesting story how I tracked it down, and a big thanks to Mr. Woeber, but mostly I want to tell other afficionados that Mister Mustard is now being manufactured by Woeber’s Mustard in Ohio AND CAN BE PURCHASED ONLINE!!! from them in lot of 3 or 6 jars.


    Google was no help to find this source. We’re ahead of Google on this.

    I plan on personally thanking Mr. Woeber (can’t remember his first name right now) for keeping this product alive when I travel to Ohio this summer. I hope it will soon be available in stores from coast to coast.

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