Fermenting: Lefse Blonde

I bottled up the Hefeweisen on Saturday, and after cleaning everything up, the carboy looked so empty and alone. So, Sunday night, I brewed up a batch of Northern Brewer‘s Lefse Blonde (equiv. to a Belgian Abbey Blonde Ale yummmm).

Watching the fermenters boil (6lbs of Bliess Pilsen malt extract and 1lb of soft Blond candi sugar) was the most entrancing thing I’ve seen since iTunes introduced visualizations.

Everything went according to the instructions, down to cutting the heat to prevent a boil over when I threw in the ounce and a half of hops. Gradually bringing the heat back while stirring comfortingly brought everything under control.

I’m already enjoying this batch more than the Hefeweizen, just look at how rich the color and density of this fermentation.

Update July 18, 2008
I popped open the first bottle of the Lefse Blonde tonight. It was very close to exactly what I was hoping for. I would like it to be just a bit crisper. That may mean more hops next time around. Either way, this one was far more enjoyable and ‘on style’ than the Hefe Weizen.

One thought on “Fermenting: Lefse Blonde

  1. hiya-
    looks like fun, my next batch will be a cream ale im thinking.
    bottling my hefe this week, ill let you know if its any good.
    “dont fear the foam” -> curious about starsan and how it’ll make the beer taste.

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