Give Me $5 For Follow

Since the beginning for 2009, I’ve been ‘following’ 1 Dunbar of people on Twitter.

Since not everyone in that 150 posts at the same frequency, things are pretty quiet (arguably a good thing). I’d like to add a few more of you to the mix, but I don’t know who.

So, I thought I’d put the question in your hands while simultaneously putting a price on the attention I’ll be giving you 1.

If you’re on Twitter and I’m not currently following you – and you’d like me to – I’m asking $5.

Your Twitter Handle

1. Background on this concept can be found at: What Andrew Baron Should Be Selling: Following and Twitter: Build a Revenue Stream on Dunbar’s Number

10 thoughts on “Give Me $5 For Follow

  1. I dig it. You simultaneously maintain control of your attention and pre-establish yourself as a premium content provider. But does this mean that you are now accountable to the “shareholders” of your attention. If I’m paying you to listen to me, I’m going to want you to be critically engaged in what I’m saying. What do you think?

  2. I am honored that you are already following me. Thank you… now, how about $5 so that *I* don’t stop following *you* ?

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