My Cable Access Prediction Coming True

“A provision of a law passed by the [California] Legislature in 2006, which took effect Thursday, allows cable television providers the option of dropping their long-standing obligation of providing free studios, equipment and training to the public.” – Reed Johnson , LA Times

Three years ago, I wrote: “Add Cable Public Access to the Endangered Species List

Personally, I’ve been a cable-free household for at least 5 years – and community access programming isn’t broadcast over the air (a much bigger issue – from my perspective). Thankfully, there are ways to receive my community-created media without purchasing a $100/mn Triple Play package….I can just load up MNstories or any number of reading lists in Cullect.

It feels ironic that as cable companies shed their obligations to support community access, the relevance and proliferation of community media is increasing. While the inverse is true of cable.

One thought on “My Cable Access Prediction Coming True

  1. The fact that local Comcast refused to carry TPT’s sub-channels thereby causing PBS to drop TPT-Kids 24hr channel is enough to make me never go back to cable. Satellite is on ‘parole’ in our house and sooner than later, I predict, I’ll be cutting it all and going with OTA + Boxee. Viva la boxee! (Note to HBO and other Cable channels…pay attention to Hulu/Boxee/Neftlix…that is your future)

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