PodSafeSound and the SpaceShots Rock

Tonight, listening to my “Getting Things Done” playlist while going through Day 4 of Ruby, the Spaceshots’ tune ‘I Promise the World’ came through the headphones.

I picked up that tune last November, while subscribed to BlogDigger’s mp3 feed (which I highly recommend for 2-3 days at a time). I search for ‘spaceshots’ at iTunes.

Did you mean “spaceshits”?

Umm. No.

Googling for them sends me to PodSafeSound.com – the independent resource for podsafe music. Yes, they have a feed and yes it includes the songs. That’s how to make my day.

Wait. It gets better. I head over to The Spaceshots site and they’re offering the entire album for download, free – in a single zipped file. Same goes for their side project, Alpha Pi.

These guys rock.